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    Is there a different seniority list for inside and outside employees? I'm an PT Air driver and there is a rumor that they are eliminating 1 of the air routes. The driver that does the route that is possibly getting eliminated is ft. There are 2 other drivers that started driving after me but it was said that I was the person that was on the bump spot because I had the least company senority. If anybody can clarify this for me would be appreciated.
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    The two other "drivers" are ft AIR drivers, I assume.

    The question, properly stated, is whether they were endtailed or dovetailed into the air driver seniority list, for the purpose of layoffs.

    Or if there's a rule that ft seniority is always senior to pt seniority.

    Probably depends on which contracts you are under.
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    The other two air drivers are pt like me. I read in the contract that there are two seperate seniority lists. One for outside employees and one for inside employees. The question really is not the fact that the ftimer has more seniority then me(he does by alot), it is more the fact that i'm being told that I have the least senority then the other 2 drivers when in actuality, they have more inside time but I more outside senority.
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    Forgitaboudit. It goes by company seniority if you are part-time.
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    Here's a suggestion, ask you local BA. He knows which supplement you work under and knows the rules set by that.
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    It might be that you are worried about nothing. If the economy does not bounce back, all of you will be replaced by full time regular drivers that are bumping back to what ever work is available.

    As for your specific question, I agree with trpl, there are so many different contracts, and all of them have their own special SPIN, that it would be hard for us to give you a really definitive answer.