Serious injury at Hartford, CT hub

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    sorry this the best I could do to share this story. The worker is a part time sup and is a stand up guy. Please keep him in your prayers.

    UPS Worker Gets Arm Stuck in Conveyor Belt
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    A worker at a Hartford UPS facility suffered major injuries to his arm Wednesday night after getting it stuck in a conveyor belt, said a fire official.

    Emergency crews responded to 90 Locust Street just after 10:00 p.m., according to Fire Captain James McLoughlin.

    It took 40 minutes for firefighters and paramedics to free the worker's entangled arm from the machine.

    "He lost a lot of blood, but was conscious and alert," Captain McLoughlin said.

    The man was rushed to Hartford hospital in unknown condition. It is not clear if the arm would need to be amputated.

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will conduct an investigation Thursday morning.
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    Wow....that's just terrible. Hope he's going to be okay.
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    Horrible news. Best wishes to the Sup who was just trying to make a living.
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    Do you know how it happened?

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    The gory details of how it happened isn't the point, Integrity....
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    I do not. I post as soon as I know what in fact happened.
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    I did not ask for gory details.

    I just asked how it happened.

    You obviously have no use for Integrity so do yourself a favor and put my username on your ignore list.

    I don't know the point of your statement but I am sorry that you see no point in my question.

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    Knowing how an arm can be entrapped in a UPS conveyor may benefit someone reading here.

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    Tragic for the employee. While accidents can always happen I hope no one was cutting corners.
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    It will be his fault no matter what!...Forget who we work for?...Prayers to him and his family
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    Sad that I've been working at ups for so long and I'm not even sure what the heck is a conveyor belt.
  13. I would grieve on him for not following the methods
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    FNN says he was trying to get a package from inside/under the conveyor while it was running.
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    I've had the conveyor belt try to suck my hand underneath the plastic guards on three occasions since I started splitting a belt at UPS. It's a scary moment, man, I always've been lucky and able to pull my hand back with minor injuries (bruising, bleeding under the skin from the "pinch force") but I've always felt like if I wore gloves at work the damn thing would've easily sucked my hand in and chewed it the f*** up.

    I don't pray, but I do hope a speedy recovery for the worker in the OP. Regardless of whether he was at fault or not, it's most definitely a :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ty hand to be dealt.

    You know the big grey things that move packages from one area to the next? Those are conveyor belts. I'm not sure if every center works off of them but I assume that every center/hub uses them to some degree within their operation.

    [edit: [video=youtube;b-sfR651CU0][/video]]

    Me, though? I don't know wtf a boxline or cages are. I hear the terms all the time here, it's just that I've never personally dealt with them or they're referred to differently in my center/region.
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    I have a friend in that location. It happened on Wednesday night on the night shift. The employee dropped a scanner down below a belt. He then picked up the steel plate (transom cover they might have called it) where two belts meet and reached down inside trying to get the scanner.

    He didn't want to shut the belt down...I wish he had just shut it down for the 20 seconds it would have taken.
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    I bet he does too.
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    A PT sup is the doormat of the company. They might fire him for not following methods. We all know how kind hearted UPS is.
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    That's not too much of a stretch.
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    Carousels and box lines were the old systems of moving parcel within a building .
    In their day they were quite good , but highly dangerous .
    Cages were an open area within the system where the bulk was put to move it to a drop off location .
    Today belts are used , and they are not just gray in color .
    I saw my current building as it was being built .
    The whole thing looked like a water park .