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Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by witheeze, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. witheeze

    witheeze Jack-knife

    Are they giving the company a 8 hour day everywhere ?
  2. OldSnake63

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    my scm limps in @ 0600 and limps out @ 1630 .
  3. goober123

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    His name wouldn't happen to be Frank, is it?
  4. witheeze

    witheeze Jack-knife

    Wow, ten hours would be three days for mine But they say working through lunch and all the (putter) I ment, puter work they do at home make up the rest .
  5. witheeze

    witheeze Jack-knife

    Confrace calls seems like they have Alot of them Are we that hard to keep track of
  6. Spunkeymonkey

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    They work the crap out of those guys. Yours may limp in and out but many work 12 hour days easy. Remember, they don't punch a clock so they are expected to be there early and stay late. Weekend conf calls are also very common. Many have to remote in to the system from their home computers to check on reports and such as well. Mine comes in on outbound frequently after being there all day and heads in most weekends. A guy in a small end of line would have it easier but the bigger facilities the job is way beyond full time. It is like owning your own business without any of the benefits.