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    ups upper management no longer cares about service. a couple of weeks ago our district manager said no more shuttles so now any pkgs left after drivers leave get delivered tomorrow including next day airs. then this week we were told all pick-ups have to be picked up within 15 minutes of scheduled pu time. when asked what if we have to wait because customer is not ready or wants us to come back we were told if they are not ready at scheduled pu time do not wait to come back tomorrow. so much for service all this to save money but will not have any money to save when customers start leaving already getting complaints from customers.
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    You do not work for the customer. You work for the IE printouts and the Shareholders. Now quit trying to be a Service Provider. By the way, we cut the route next to you tommorow. Not only do you have to do your pickups on schedule but his also. Be safe!
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    What do you mean "what if we have to wait because the customer is no ready"? Every route has a perfect load, perfect looping, and customers that are always ready. You should never ask such a silly question! IE has it all figured out. LOL!:)
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    HAHAHA, When im on-car with a driver most times, if we don't wait then we wont have any packages to PU. Some times you just have to wait, it is what it is...
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    The +/- 15 minute window on scheduled pickups has been a hot item for a while. This is supposed to show our reliability and is used by our account execs when they go on sales calls to either try to secure new volume or retain current volume. If you are getting to your pickup accounts and they are not ready perhaps you need to update your pickup log to push back the scheduled P/U times so that you can fall under the +/- 15 and still take care of the customer while still staying under 9.5. Another option is to complete the P/U stop in the DIAD within the +/- 15 window and then edit the P/U stop when you actually complete it. Of the 2 options, I would think that updating the P/U log would be the better choice. Take care of the customer first. If you get there at the scheduled time and they are not ready, take what they have, close out the P/U stop, go back, pick up the balance of the pkgs, edit and close out the P/U stop. Again, if you find that you are having to go back to quite a few stops you may want to have your dispatch sup print out your P/U log so that you can adjust the scheduled P/U times and/or change the order in which the stops are to be P/U.
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    Originally Posted by UpstateNYUPSer
    Another option is to complete the P/U stop in the DIAD within the +/- 15 window and then edit the P/U stop when you actually complete it.
    I am surprised you would suggest this.In my opinion if you are not at the stop and you complete it that would be dishonest.
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    That's why I said it is the least favored of the 2 options. You are completing the stop in the DIAD to stay within the +/- 15 to make mgt happy and then editing and completing the P/U to make the shipper happy. The better way would be to update the P/U log to make sure that the scheduled P/U times work for both the driver and the shipper and still allow you to finish under 9.5.
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    I agree,which I am always doing,updating my log so when I am off the cover driver knows when to go but I have allready commented on that subject in a different post.
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    Thats like having your cake and eating it to. The problem here is not everyone does their pick ups at the same time everyday. My pickups start at roughly 3pm and thats fine when i have 130 to 150 stops, but when i get 160 to 190 i need to keep going in order to have room to at least 330 or 345. Now i have put the ball in managements court and have exlained this so whatever they come up with i will do, but its their call not mine.
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    The best choice of as instructed and spoon-feed your management the numbers that they want to look at. If the shipper is unhappy, give them the phone # of their account exec and your center manager. Apologize and let them know that you aren't allowed to think or use common sense any longer, and that your "management" team is standing by to take care of any service issues they might have.
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    Don't worry. Enough phone calls and they won't be doing this anymore.
  13. This company is flushing its self into the crapper, because they want us to be the sheep that let on these ridiculous service practices. It's a mega downward spiral, and soon people will be losing there jobs because of this kind of BS. Our rates are higher and our service is crappier. How long do think this will last?

    They're happy to move drivers inside for less pay but maybe they should get rid of some of the dead weight sups or work on preload issues. Most of our problems begin with the preload. Managments focus is on the drivers. Sales leads will solve all our problems. If we keep losing customers what good is getting new ones?

    This whole *'* union, non union, this center that center, thing is a buch of BS also. UNITED my ***. Oh, that's right, we're not United Parcels Service anymore. Just UPS.
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    every day is different. what happens if u get stopped by a train stoplights one pu heavier than normal etc this puts u behind. customers do not care about us being there exactly the same time everyday as long as as pkgs picked up before they close. don't care about being under 9.5
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    brownman: when you quote someone make sure at the end of their post you also put in [/quote] so that the whole thing is boxed in and seperate from your dialog
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    Seems to me that the company has lost sight of who the real customers are. They now think the customers are the "wall street stockholders". And good luck trying to give them the "service" they think they deserve.

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    I was told by my on-car sup in a PCM that when you are in the scheduled pickup screen, when you enter into that particular pickup that is when the pickup is timestamped not when you close it out
    When you open it, it tells IE,management when you arrived at that stop

    Write down when you opened each pickup and then have them print your pickup log to see which time is on the sheet the next day
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    'Happy management' has no incentive to fix problems.
  20. ahh don't worry, some of us (not all) aren't that great at fixing them anyways...creating more problems though...hahaha :laughing: