Sesonal or what am I ?

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    :anxious: I started with UPS about two weeks ago (on Oct 31), and I can not get an answer for what I am ? Am I sesonal? One person said I would have to be rehired after christmas others have said because I was hired before Nov I am looking at part time, Like I said new to the system.
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    I would say your seasonal, but give a 100% everyday and show up on time everyday and after peak ,you have a shot at comming back!!! remember the economy is slow right now so if there are layoffs of reg employees it could take a while but keep calling them......good luck!!
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    Do your best and show up everyday. They will find something for you to do. Good luck.
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    Here at the hub I work at, the regular part-timers and full-timers carry a brown UPS ID card and the seasonal have a red ID card. Everyone at our hub hired after Oct 1st is pretty much seasonal.
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    At my center everyone hired after Oct. 1 is seasonal so I would say you are seasonal, just work hard and safe good luck at coming back.
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    New meat for the grinder?:happy2:
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    :funny:Thanks for the info. If they have nothing for me at this place after the holidays I will probably go and be a on call feeder driver. Can't be any worse than my last job of hauling explosives across the state!!!