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  1. jmeti000

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    My manager was kind enough to remind me that since I am in the aspire program I should remember that if hired as a manager, some day others will be reviewing me just as I am doing now for her, and that I should consider answering the questions how I would want my employees to answer them if it were me. Well, I did just what she said and answered them HONESTLY, but I cant say she would be happy with the results lol.
  2. danger_close

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    Why bother with SFA??? The company no longer listens to our concerns. More people boycotting it this year.


    I only did it because the manager I've had for the last year is actually a good person and a straight shooter. Now everything about "Upper Management" on out was where I really had fun...
  4. Mr. 7

    Mr. 7 The monkey on the left.

    ^^^^ LOL
    Same here, everything was going pretty good until I got to all the "corporate" questions. Went downhill super fast then.
  5. SmithBarney

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    boycott, or just check the N/A Don't know Column...
  6. jmeti000

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    Pshh, I honestly dont think it matters what you do...dont take it and you just make the average scores higher because your (now nonexhistant) bad review wont be calculated. However, give them a bad review and they still somehow manage to sway the numbers so it comes out positive in the end...either way it seems we loose.
  7. My manager knows I would bury him-her

    Doesn't even ask me any more

    Stopped taking it years ago

    Our concerns are ignored
  8. whenIgetthere

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    My manager tried again to get me to take it. Amazing thing, I was the only one in the station to refuse. Many refused last year. High seniority in my station, so guess getting screwed by Fred once more made them happy!
  9. The state of the job at this point is such a joke it is hilarious. Cant help but chuckle

    Problem is the top pay guys are fine and most are weasels

    I love going to work everyday and standing next to a guy on the belt doing the same exact job making 8 an hour more than me

    Top pay employees also act entitled beyond belief

    I could post a novel in here about all the BS

    So sick of it
  10. Have an interview at UPS for a seasonal driver position next week

    Probably going to quit and take the gamble and hope it works out

    wasted 10 years at fedex

    4 weeks vacation down the drain

    Will be well worth it if I can someone latch on at UPS permanent
  11. Mr. 7

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    Good luck with that.
  12. danger_close

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    You guys need to WAKE UP!!!
    When are you going to start holding local management accountable for the decisions that are made at the Managing director level and corporate level? This is like a Nazi officer saying he "was just following orders" you NEED to hold the entire "chain of command" accountable. This means YOUR manager. Let them know that when they cut hours your going to hit back on the SFA or just refuse to take it.

    Do you really think Memphis cares what you put on the SFA? I don't think they care, and as long as they have little Hitlers running the show at the senior and ops level that will just follow the orders without thinking or caring how it effects you. Once you start showing the ops and senior managers that you will nail them or refuse to take the SFA perhaps that :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: will flow uphill.
  13. newsflash pal

    top pay employees for the most part are not disgruntled

    also too many lower paid employees are terrified of mgmt

    no way you can get enough employees together to hurt station mgmt where it counts (lates,sfa,etc etc)
  14. rocket man

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    you should have stayed
  15. LTFedExer

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    Get your welfare assistance papers ready.
  16. Practically borderline welfare staying at FredEx in the current enviroment-Fred (the devil) Smith at triennial raise time sticking 20 cents in my left pocket and taking 50 cents out of my right pocket.

    You sound like one of the entitled top pay employees
  17. Mr. 7

    Mr. 7 The monkey on the left.

    You just totally contradicted yourself.
    First you say "hit back on the SFA" then, the very next sentence you say "Do you really think Memphis cares what you put on the SFA? I don't think they care"
  18. HuckToohey

    HuckToohey You are entering a world of pain.

    The SFA is bogus and always has been. Back in the day Federal Express created this to give the illusion that their employees had an actual say in company affairs. Over the years this once a year exercise in futility has become a joke. Nothing comes of it. Nothing changes. Still the edicts come down from upon high and we as employees have no say.
  19. yeldarb

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    What is top rate at Fed ex? What is the progression to get it? How much vacation and sick days?
  20. DS

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    I agree with rocketman...You have no idea of what you are getting yourself into at ups.
    If indeed you get a pkg driver job,expect overzealous production expectations,extreme safety protocol,
    and explaing to the center manager why you went over 9.5
    Same crap different pile.