Shark Fin Soup. Delicious! Expensive! Illegal

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    These topics are often humorous. The articles themselves, when you read 'em through, are hilariously dark.

    UPS does the right thing, but then in a statement they mention something pretty grim...along the lines of "Even though we're banning it, they're still going to keep hunting and the population is still dwindling". Talk about the-glass-is-half-empty. Sometimes I think despair works its way into the 24 hour media cycle and just recess into the least pragmatic and more pessimistic reaches of our mind.
    It puzzles me when I read that the trade of a close to endangered species was even being shipped through UPS all this time? Just how far behind is UPS from being anything close to resembling "progressive". Its enough to make me laugh...and cry...but mostly laugh.
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    Why is it the "right" thing?
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    My mistake, I should have clarified.
    I believe it was the right thing for UPS to play along with this mood of "corporations that care" illusion. If I know UPS they wouldn't care one way or another. Legal, illegal, sharks are delicious. It also isn't the worst decision UPS has gone along with.
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    If it was illegal they wouldn't be allowed to ship them. Like drugs.

    Also Google shark population. It's way up since the 90's and it's still just a mguess
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    SO that would mean UPS just caved for no real environmental or preservation concern?
    Just how much does this company even claim to be progressive?
    I'm just trying to understand why the whole idea exists in the first place.
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    UPS makes plenty of money from illegal drug shipments, and they'll still make plenty from shark fins.
    The contents of the shipments go unreported and UPS gets to say they're environmentally friendly blah blah blah....
    It's a win win for the company.
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    you are the one who started a thread with apparently no background or proof about the subject at hand.
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    Not entirely true I posted the article which I read. A little hastily I'll admit. Honestly I just wanted some opinions from UPSers.
    That's usually my main goal on this site, haha
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    This is a good thing, this means next Monday Fedex will do the same. I dive. Sharks are important to the marine ecosystem. Not enough sharks too many predatory mammals and fish. No one to check that. No fish. No Sizzler or Red Lobster for you.