Shipping Stock Showdown: FedEx vs. UPS

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    Shipping Stock Showdown: FedEx vs. UPS - Seeking Alpha

    Verdict: Even though UPS has a better dividend yield and ROE, the winner is FedEx (FDX). FedEx is discounted based on future earnings, more so than UPS. FedEx also has less debt than UPS which is a very attractive quality at this point in time. Ultimately, FedEx has a better growth story than UPS and I believe the better deal in the shipping industry is clearly FedEx. However, keep an eye out for when UPS reports earnings on Feb 11, 2011 to see more on their story.

    Trade: Despite FedEx’s win over UPS, I would wait to buy on a pullback. I am a little cautious based on today’s numbers, even though the outlook rose. I think FedEx is a good company but lets wait for a better price before we jump in, no rush.