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    Hello, I'm new to the browncafe. I just had a question on shop stewards. I apologize in advance if this question has been asked before. The union rep that is supposed to be protecting (or should I say be on our/union employee side of the ball). Is not on our side at all. I've asked him serveral times about some problems I've been having about my work load. He says I have to listen to management and he can't do a damn thing about it.

    So I guess what I'm trying to say is, if the union rep/steward guy doesn't help us out. What the heck is he doing in our building? I thought he got paid to help us out. At least from what I've been told by others, he's supposed to make sure everyone is doing the same amount of work. Be safe about it, and be treated equally. Or am I missing a piece somewhere? As far as I'm aware he's supposed to be on our side, but from the looks of it. He's just kissing/sucking up to management. Which is probably illegal.

    I should probably figure out how to get a new guy/girl who actually knows what the hell is going on and stand up for us.
  2. Do you think a wolf in sheeps o I mean brown clothing.Maybe they brown nose :happy2:
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    What you really need to do is get yourself copies of our Master Agreement (current contract), and your Local's Supplement. If your gripe appears in either point this out to your steward, he/she is bound to help you. If not ... oh well.
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    brownedout makes a very good point. It may be that your concerns, while important to you, simply do not merit a grievance. Do your research and if your concerns are valid present your findings to the steward. If he still dismisses you then go over his head to your business agent.
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    "You set the bar" That's what our local president told me long ago, and they are wise words.

    That is the bottom line. WOrk assignments and workload have nothing to do with the union officers. Those have to do with the individual. The more you do, the more you get.

    Also, stewards and reps do not help YOU no matter what. They are not your saviour. They are there to represent you when it's well within your rights and are there to be a 3rd party when called upon. Nowhere in the contract does it say that it's within your rights to dictate the workload or workarea you work in. The only thing that I know of the master contract does specify is that work shall be given by seniority as long as the employee is qualified to do such work.
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    I am one of the worthless shop stewards you speak of. Let me clarify a few things for you.

    1) Stewards do not get paid in most parts of the country, it's all voluntary extra work they do. Except while on the clock for UPS

    2) Stewards have no power to control the workload or the way work is given.

    3) You must 100% of the time follow instructions by your management team(Unless illigal, immoral or unsafe) and grieve later if contract language has been broken.

    4) The Union and it's Stewards are not your personal savior from work. They are there to represent you in disciplinary proceedings and to make sure they contract as written is enforced and followed(by both parties)!

    5) If you want to file a grievance for something that you feel is a contract violation, you have every right to do so. Fill out the grievance form, include the article of the contract that has been violated and give it to your Steward. He may tell you your not going to win, but if you insist, he must present the grievance for you.

    If you are being treated differently and unfairly their is language to protect that but you better have a history of it on paper and someone to back it up. Harassment is the hardest thing to prove. If you just feel like your being overworked, welcome to UPS!!!
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    +1 this statement sums it up. Also your BA and steward are not the whole union it's you and your coworkers.
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    What is wrong with your workload? If your complaining about it being too much get use to it. The person who hired you should have told you that the work is constant and relentless. Just work at a constant safe speed and don't worry about anything else.

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    First off thank you for your replies. You never know the answer unless you ask.

    Now my second question to the above statements is...Isn't it true that the Union employees that work in the building, have to vote for a shop steward/rep? So in simple other words, we get to vote, and we get to pick who it is. They have to come from the line. They can't be voted on by management.

    Last but not least, my work isn't too much. The belt moves faster than all the other lines though. I asked if they could slow it down and make it more fair. As they replied NOPE. It's madness, but I guess that's UPS. I always thought UPS would be great to work out, the drivers really keep this company strong. But inside the Hub, it's another ballpark completely. I'm not ranting, just a little frustrated.
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    Read the contract and work safe.You'll get it eventually.
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    You will learn in life that nothing is fair whether your in the union or not. They are not going to slow down your belt just to make you happy no matter what you do. That is just they way it is they just didn't speed up your belt when you got on that line it is going that speed becasue they have numbers and timelines to meet. Just do the best you can you will eventually get better or they will move you somewhere else.
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    I compliment everyone on treating this gentleman/lady gently and constructively.
    When I first saw this, I was like, "Oh crap, let the massacre begin." :happy2:
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    i cant beleive you actually asked them to slow down your belt to make it fair and i really cant believe they didnt laugh in your face.
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    I feel the best thing to do is slow it down yourself instead of asking mgmt to do it. I have been there and done that and won't get into details, however if done a click at a time instead of a wholesale speed change, it can be very effective. :wink2:
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    That's great advise. If you want to find a new job. Do not ever touch the belt controls, it will only end in a bad way.
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    Oh yes very effective on getting you FIRED

    Anyways in order to do that you need to be near the speed control or leave your work area. Either way all that you are doing is asking for trouble and when they speed it up a little faster after you get caught everyone else that works on your belt will be real happy with you.
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    UPSguy72, you're one of the worst posters on the board. congrats
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    Actually, no. I was trained TO use the belt controls in past years, so maybe your absolutes don't qualify into everyone elses operations?