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    I do hope you (readers) understand the reason of my vagueness. I have heard that the station in my region, per say: is short-handed. Now, I must pose the question of the why and the how could this be? I myself, put in 11 years of service and walked-when provided with a "more reasonable" opportunity. I had seen great employees with excellent potential come and sadly go while I worked there (through the years). It just seems odd that the expense to train and place just 1 employee in 1 position can be terminated in a half blink of an eye. Could there not be any safety, security, or basic re-training implemented for employees in question? (this statement of coarse excludes theft and/ or criminal activity) Heck, the re-training would probably save the company a fortune in rehiring endeavors. I hate to hear of fellow ex-coworkers (that busted their tail everyday) receiving their walking papers. The fact that peak is coming and will come every year, eludes them- and why they continue to let good help go is truly beyond me. I do know that managers better become very familiar with all of the routes, because they will have to cover them. I will digress now and just bid all of you who actually "make it happen" my best wishes...

    I will be dormant for awhile,


    At my station, we have a glut of couriers. I have never seen it like this, swings getting 15-20 hours a week because we have so many people.

    Good luck in your endeavours Ghost, like MFE said, it's always great to hear that there really is a light at the end of the tunnel that isn't an approaching train!
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    If you're in the FedEx tunnel, the trains are coming at you from both ends. The only way out is through the roof.
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    I dont know how our manager gets away with it but we are so fat year round that they give lwops in December...they send some fulltimers to other stations for months at a time and many fulltimers are really only working parttime hours..On top of it all they are continuing to hire. They can't keep parttimers because they don't give them enough hours. I've seen mgrs still go out and deliver and work the sort even though we seem to have enough hourlys to do the job..At another station I was at they couldn't keep full or parttimers..It was a B market level and was just a mess..There was only 1 mgr and they are on the road all the time..So go figure..They still refuse to train anyone properly and as long as that's the case and they continue to shoot the dice they will have to pay the bucks for the newbies and their mistakes which also costs thousands of dollars...
    Good luck got out at the right time
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    Hey Ghost, Spoke too soon. We have 4 PTers coming off the street next week. They're hoping to get them up and running before Peak.
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    Providing they don't turn down the work, they get paid for 35. I'll take that anyday.


    Yessirree bob, I got an average of 15 hours a week for 2 months, so that meant around 20 in guarantee pay, then all of a sudden they "remembered" I was full time...just sayin
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    We are so short-handed that management is begging for the surrounding stations to send anyone available to help cover routes. If you want 55 hours, you can easily get it. Funny how it works when you fire a bunch of people, and then have 5 or 6 quit, that there isn't enough help to go around. Yesterday, they had already collapsed 6 routes as I was leaving the building. It's gives you a real incentive to get the heck out of there while management figures out how they are going to solve the probelms that they themselves created. By the time they get to your area, if you're already on the road, it's too late.

    Sounds like this is a station to station deal. Some places are fat on people, while others don't have nearly enough.
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    Just like most of the 'problems' you post on here. I've been lucky to have good managers in all 3 of my stations, though the 2nd station (as a whole) was poorly run until the SM was let go.
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    I'm expecting a housecleaning just after peak. My guess is that you are in a low-inbound station, because it tends to be the big stations that have ongoing issues.
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    You would think they would try and "encourage" people from stations that are fat to move to stations that are very short handed.
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    That would make way too much sense.
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    I think the first people to go will be the recently hired, part-timers. Under their own fruition.

    I'm warning them right now that Dec. 26th is the day all of a sudden there's no work and they're giving out LWOP like crazy and looking for peeps. to go home early. All this means is that the PT'ers will be getting next to no hrs.
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    I see the same future here for our PT people. Right now, they get all the hours they want, but as soon as peak is over they will go from necessary to expendable in a microsecond. I still think Smith is going to drop the Ground switchover bomb after peak too. The housecleaning I was referring to would be in management, because the "new and improved" senior isn't getting the job done. I'm thinking he will resign to "pursue other opportunities", which really means you've been fired.
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    on the HD side...

    there's a glut of almost 50 temp drivers in the hub i'm at now & still climbing.

    training for them is next to none; they know that this is only a temp job.

    some have CDLs and I promptly told them to keep looking for something better, while still here.

    The ones that are "auditioning" to become FT drivers for sub-contractors after Peak are being trained by the vets that have switched from contractors to paid hourly temps (like me!). After a day or 2 of "orientation" i'll pass on my views of that potential driver to management & move on to the next new hire...

    I'll show them what I've been doing to protect the contractors against potential claims from customers... they're just suggestions & i told 'em that they can apply it or not, depending on the future boss.

    I hope that the newer scanners after peak will be similar in function...

    Have a good peak season:peaceful:
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    While not as big (volume-wise) as my station in NY, we are in one of the larger stations in our district.
    Wasn't it you that said you thought that Express will be trying to get rid of the FT couriers and become all PT?
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    Heard a PTer the other day say she'd been told that the PT guarantee is now 15 hrs, not 17.5. Anyone else heard that?


    I've heard that, but don't think it's true (the horror...a manager not telling the truth!!)
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    That's the trend. It sounds like in other areas that it is already happening. My station may be exceptionally mismanaged, but I really doubt it. There always seems to be plenty of stupid to go around.
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    Lucky for me, our STA is fat with Slow and/or Lazy oldtimers 25+'s who won't retire, but given the chance jump all over the LWOPS
    Understand I'm not lumping them all together as Slow and/or Lazy, but when someone who has never run your route or area
    can finish 2hrs earlier than you do(everyday of the week) there is a problem.
    Hopefully our new Manager will fix this issue(our old one just got the boot)