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That's right, Iceman...I am dangerous.
I'm a part time driver

They shouldn't be able that here either

Doesn't matter if he's full time or part time it's a different union.

Even though he's crossing unions?

Forgive me for butting in here, but, I feel like I can help.

I have a statement......followed by a question.....followed by a statement.

You claim the work is not for the same union as a 22.4. Now, as I'm kind of a stickler for details...

As a PT driver, wouldn't you be in the same union and local as all other drivers, including combo drivers?

If this is the case...and I feel like it are not entitled to the work over a full time combo.

I feel like @MyTripisCut and @542thruNthru offered up a little nugget of info and you ran with it.

Get your :censored2: together, Jada.

Maybe helping.