Short Term Disabilities and FMLA? Same time?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by moto, Oct 26, 2011.

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    I do preload in a hub in southern california. I was in a bad car accident and broke my hip, leg and some toes outside of work about 2 weeks ago. I've talked to the union and they've told me to call up aetna and sign up for the short term disabilities. I was also told that I would have to call into work once a week. So I was ok with this and I recently found out that aetna aproved my disability. But just last week I was mailed FMLA papers from the company. Do I need to fill these out also? Its a whole bunch more papers for my doctor to fill out. The union told me nothing of this and looking at the FMLA papers it looks like they have the right to drain my vacation time also.

    Since I'm already aproved for Short Term Disabilities is there any need to fill out FMLA also?
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    Fill out the FMLA forms.
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    Make sure you apply for INTERMITTENT FMLA as this will allow you to take time as needed for the rest of the year, and next year also ( you will have to re-apply in Dec) to tend to your needs such as DR. appts, therapy,etc.
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    been on DIS since November 2009.....never was approached about FMLA........perhaps because my disability was never going to result in a return to work....UPS was never going to provide or make a job w/ the limitations I had
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    Take your std first. then apply for fmla. STD pays like 300 a week here, fmla, you have to use all but 1 week of vacation you have coming. if ur pt then its 150 pw. No need to have them both but apply at least 2 wks before you are returning. Think about it, if you are off why do you need fmla? FMLA is unpaid. You can only get 12 wks per yr. Why burn it when you are already off?
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    Ok I think I got it now. I got confused when the company sent me the FMLA papers, thought that STD was the way you got paid when out on FMLA. Have to talk union about this still but from what you guys are saying its sounds like STD is a type of paid leave, and seperate from that is FMLA a non-paid leave. Right?

    Another thing, since Aetna already approved for my Short Term Disability I wouldn't be at risk of the company taking me off it after I fill out my FMLA papers. Seems like it would be cheaper for the company to have me on FMLA. Just really don't want to use my vacation weeks. I'm fine with being on STD rght now just don't want the company pull anyone while I'm gone. Just want to recover and not have to worry.

    Thank you eveyone!
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    Good choice. And by the way, good luck with your injuries. Sounds like you really got banged up. Do everything Drs and therapists say.
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    Yes and if you can afford it, stay off til u know you are ready. If you are not it makes a hard job harder.
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    I can also tell you to make sure you check your benefits on upsers. Make sure you are getting all the std time you are able to take. In my building they tried to tell us we only get 3 months a year as mgmt specialists. We actually get 6 as long as you can support your claim. We we also told not to go to aetna as it cost the company money each time we do. I say protect yourself. Talk to you union rep and make sure you all are on the same page. Also I can confirm fmla is not paid. I had a son this year and was out 3 weeks without pay. They will also try to take your vacation time from you but you can make them sat aside a week that you don't have to use. Also remember, typically while you are out you stop accruing vacation time. t least where I'm at.
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    Oh yeah. Also if you apply for fmla at the same time you are on std aetna may drop your claim.
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    The one thing that has yet to be mentioned is supplemental health insurance, which includes disability coverage. I have had Combined since I started working here and have made 10-12 claims in that time. I had surgery a few years ago for an on the job injury and Combined paid in addition to comp. I recently had a bout of bronchitis and received a check for $200 for my clinic visit. It is nice to have the piece of mind knowing that my financial needs will be taken care of if I ever get hurt.
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    i recently went out on disabilty . i live in california . i filed a claim with SDI and aetna . aetna will suppelment your income if the state does not pay enough .if aetna denies your claim then you need to file FMLA to protect your job . dont file FMLA before you file a claim with aetna . call aetna (866) 825-0186
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    Thanks that is exactly what I was worried about. It just wasn't clear to me if STD was an actual type of leave. Was confused after ups sent me FMLA paperwork. Good to know STD and FMLA are two different kinds of leave. Its is a stressful to worry about these things when injured.

    So right now I am aproved thru aetna for short term disabilities. So I should be ok until I am cleared to come back.

    Can anyone fill me in on how I get cleared to come back to work. Last time I talked to the union they said even if I am cleared by my doctor that ups has the right to make me see another doctor to get approved to come back? How does that work if my STD ends at a certain date and I am cleared to come back by my doc. I'm wondering bout the time it takes me to see the ups doc, is this a non paid cause it might take a day or two?

    Thank you everyone for your information it really has helped me out. All I want to do is recover so I can work again but handling STD,FMLA and the company while I'm injured is a whole job in itself!