short week.

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  1. Long weekend and a short week ahead, then it's vacation baby. It will be a week of not thinking about 4 routes being cut and giving me 200 hundred stops by myself. It will be so nice and they can worry about that crap.
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  3. Cementups

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    I had off last week, now off today and then off Friday to go to a Dave Matthews concert. 3 day work week for me :D
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  5. UnsurePost

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    my vaca this week! Of course vaca weeks fly by and it will be your tlurn to fly by :)
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    3 day week for me also. Going to San Francisco on a missions trip the next week and then going camping for a week.
  7. jimstud

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    i don't know how short this week is going to be with temps in the mid 90's and high humidity, but next week is vacation.
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    LOL, I think it will be a long week for a short week....
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    dave matthews?
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    I think we all know how you'll be spending your vacation.
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    I'm looking forward to a short week too, although it will hit the high 90's. I'm off next week, we are going to drive out to Bossier City, LA to visit my brother. We are thinking about heading down to San Antonio for a side trip and see the Alamo.
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    what do you do on a mission trip to San Fran?
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    I'm not a big fan but this will be the 4th time I've seen them in concert. They are awesome live. My wife's best friend is a HUGE fan and she hasn't missed them in years.
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    They have a gay old time ;)!!!
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    6 pack of Stella Artois, sitting completely still underneath freezing cold A/c infusion.

    oh you mean laid up with the bites. yeah :)
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    Scratch, I have been to San Antonio twice--once for basic training and the other when I was stationed in Lubbock. Beautiful city. Make sure to do the Riverwalk if you have time.
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    I'm on vacation this week. Offered to work it for the extra $ but center manager said they were "good". Now I'm "good" because the weekend was a sweltering sauna around here and I know what that building is going to be like. Hot and humid forecasted for the entire week so thank you, center manager. Remember to drink lots of water if you're short help and have to sort that ***** yourself. :devil3:
  18. UnsurePost

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    There's a couple Mexican resturaunts on the Riverwalk that are delicious. Not particuarly healthy, but the best I've ever had.
  19. When I sort i pull the back door up everytime, it helps....
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    I'm curious what you think of Bossier City, I was considering moving there at one point.