Should I file a grievance?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Rock0, Jan 15, 2018.

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    I searched the forum to see if someone had a similar issue to mine and I didn't come across any, my situation is a bit unique and seeing if I should file grievance and more importantly, what good could come out of it. I was a RTD driver for seasonal , I mostly just shuttled and delivered air... I only did ground about 4 days throughout the holiday season. One guy in front of me did ground daily and qualified. He claimed he had more seniority over me and one of the supervisors confirmed this. The list just went up for FT drivers and I find out that I have seniority over him. I understand that this is partly my fault for not being aware of this... we have the same hire date & all.... he just lied to me and I took his word after a sup thought the same thing... I dropped the ball there. Now, I will be hired FT and have a lower pay-rate then him since I didn't qualify (not given the chance) and also lost out on much income throughout the holiday. So, my questions are 1) Can I file a grievance? 2)Should I file one? 3) What good could come out of it? 4) Couldn't this hurt me when it comes to qualifying if I piss off the supervisors?

    Edit: Not sure if it is worth noting but I also thought it was weird that they brought in drivers from another state because of the volume we have had....they are still here
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    You only need to ask once. You won't get better or faster answers multi-posting.
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    I know, I tried to delete the other one... as you can see, I am new to the forum...but hey, I did get a reply from you so maybe you're wrong ;)
  4. You have a week to be a grievance from the date of the infraction.
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    You should talk to your business agent. There are no time limits on Seniority violation grievances.
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  6. That I did not know.
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    Moral of this story

    Pay attention and don’t drop the ball
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    I thought it was 5 days for us to file and 10 days for management to discipline?

    Btw that's bull:censored2: management gets twice as long to screw us over if they choose to!
  9. It's a week here to file or I guess technically it would be 5 working days.
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    Is that 5 days from the day of infraction, or 5 days from the day you discover it?

    Seems like UPS could easily hide a seniority discrepancy like this for 5 days without anyone finding out. When does the 5 day countdown begin?
  11. Al
    Apparently I didn't know about the no time limit on a seniority time I talk to my BA I will ask him about it.
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    Well, in this case... they are still sending out the guy who I have seniority over everyday so the infraction is still taking, what would you guys do if you were in my shoes? What good would come out of me filing a grievance? I don't know if it is worth it since I just made the F/T list today.
  13. You need to talk to your BA. Could be the difference of you sitting at home when times or slow, could keep you from bidding a route. Could also mess up your full time pension by not having that money paid in your behalf.
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    I didn’t even read this.

    The answer is yes.
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    Grieve it!!!
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    You guys only get 5 days to file a grievance? That's ridiculous! We get 30 days here and the company only gets 10 to discipline us. I sure hope you guys remember that come next contract if you didn't do it this one. Because that sounds like a great proposal to add to your Rider.
  17. So many other issues that need addressed, it's not even funny.
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    That sucks. It always amazes me how different locals can be. You're in PA right? I'm going to Hershey park this summer with the in laws. :(
  19. We have some good language on other things. Saturday ground has been a nightmare.
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    The date you had knowledge of contract violation