Should i just keep quiet and do my work?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by treedome, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. treedome

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    I've been working here for 2 years now in local sort (nights 6pm-10pm), i'm a 6'4" 200 pd guy, and i can handle the stressful work, but they recently hired a new employee 3 months and have placed her in a position of lifting very light weight boxes (smalls), and i'm still in a trailer that gets pounded with alot of 50 60 70 pound boxes. i complained about it and management said there's nothing they can do, and i asked the sup. and he said he doesn't want her in the trailer i'm in (for reasons i don't know why), should i let this go and brush it off, or should i demand to have the easier job if i have more seniority, i want to make driver some day, so i don't want to argue with management.
  2. 705red

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    Put your name on the preferred job list. These are jobs that generally a little easier to perform. I do know some people that only waht to load or unload, but I have not seen anyone with 2 years being forced to unload if they wanted seom other job.
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    Seniority is all you have. Use it as you're supposed to, the newhire will have to wait a while for the good jobs.

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    Not doing her any favors if she has aspirations to driving. Let her know what most UPSers do. Maybe she doesn't know that she is in a preferred job.
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    I know I will get blasted for saying this but UPS will always let a female employee get by with doing less work than a male employee. Notice I didn't say all females do less work than males- just that if they choose to do less, chances are they can get away with it.
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    I believe in the New England supplement (not sure about the others) there is language saying that age and capacity of the employee is taken into consideration when given jobs, more or less.

    When you slow down, relax, do your job safely will get an easy job (or two), like I have. Otherwise *whip sound PCCCHH PCCCH* get that PPH up.
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    If she is loading a truck like you, just a truck that does not get as heavy or as many packages its not a preferred job.both of you do the same thing load.but im sure you know why they have you doing it other than her,because you can handle it.When i was a loader back in 99 we did everthing by senority what truck you loaded ,who picked up irregs,who ran the recycles,i mean everthing but those days are long gone.Now its all WORK AS DIRECTED.
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    Work as directed, THEN file a grievance for an article 22.4 violation. Article 22.4 refers to preferred jobs.
  9. UPSGUY72

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    Is she loading another trailer or doing a totally different job?

    How big is your building ? becasue of the size and number of peope management might say that there isn't any perfered jobs and they are going to put you where you help the most. They are not going to put her in your trailer and move you that would be counter productive and an accident waiting to happen.