Should I let it go.

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    Well I am the pick off guy for my area but today they had me load. No big deal i am really tired of picking off so i was happy. Me and my sup have alot of history alot of fights and stuff like that. I have taking a new approach for the last few months of just letting him run his mouth then take the best action. I do have a letter of commitment agist him. To start out I have not loaded in over 1 year so i am a bit rusty. My trailor was getting killed and was backed up he was yelling at me all night say "jared your killing me your the reason the sort is off",kept saying atupid stuff and singling me out all night, sceaming like some 13 year old girl at me. The shift sup heard what he was saying to me and he even ripped him a new one in frount of eveyone. I then was told to go to another tralior after getting that trailor CLEANED UP :angry:I was loading around 430 pph (they only say you have to laod 350). So i go over to help the other kid and the sup keeps telling me i am somehow slowing the other kid down :biting:. So i turn to the kid and say "I am sorry i am in your trailor slowing you down" very serouse, he just laughs. I didn't say anything to the sup i just let him run his mouth. The ******* gave me attitude all night but still didn't say anything. Now he is trying to say that someone said i was trying to **** up the sort, by loading over what they want me too? I didn't get a chance to talk to the steward but tomarrow i will. To be honest i dont want the kid to get in any trouble i just want him moved. He has proven he can't work with me while respecting me. Any advice? let it go, or file?
  2. Jared,
    I'm in the airline, but my advice is still Free of charge. My advice is to let it go, but if you have a relationship with your Sup or someone else that is "over" you (excuse the expression), TELL THEM how you feel when they give you some grief. As a dinosaur, I still believe in "Managing Upward" and I respect someone that holds me accountable for my management style. The "history of a lot of fights:" and "letting him run his mouth" comments are kind of telling about mutual respect and a good working relationship.
    There;s sevarl roads to take. You seem like a younger UPSer. Choose the hihest road and you'll go home happier. Then, some day, you'll be CEO and have the weight of the world on your shoulders and you'll wish to be a Loader again.

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    I think you should work as instructed and do whatever your supervisor says. Judging by your post, you aren't very old and don't have much seniority. Your probably lucky you have a skilled position, like a pickoff. Management can give you attitude. You got to take it man. If you file you might as well paint a bullseye on your shirt, because you will be an easy target.

    Your sup probably needs to grow up. Some of these new ones get on a powertrip, and do things just to say they did. No one ever should yell at you in front of other people. You need to talk to a Full Time supervisor about what is going on instead of the union steward. If anyone can make this supervisor lay off you, it's full time management. Nobody in management respects the union stewards or the union, and a grievance is a shot fired at full tiime management. My advice to you is to find the full time supervisor and pull him aside and let him know what is going on. In most cases the full timer will side with you over the part time supervisor.

    Realistic Socks Says:

    Something doesn't add up here? You are tested and skilled to pickoff, you have a 430PPH, no misloads, and you move to the work to help out others. Sounds like you are the ideal employee. Any young sup would love to have you. You are leaving something out. Something else happened between you and this supervisor. ANYONE HAVE A GUESS..... Ok here's one.. *You slept with his girlfriend*

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    or You slept with his boyfriend...
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    Thanks for the advice I am younger i am 20 with almost 3 years senority. From what people are saying this sup is TRYING s to make me freak out to strat a fight. Yes I was loading over 400pph helping other without being told. He still just yells at me he is a 22 year kid that thinks he is the best and says it alot. The only reason i am not picking off is because his friends wants to, to sum it up. I honestly dont even want to deal with this sup. But we will see how today goes.
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    I cant believe I am going to say this:

    I AGREE WITH SOCKS, you should get with this kids boss, except I think you should bring the Steward with you and even the punk that is harrassing you, matbe even get the building or division manager to sit in.

    Calmly state your case and allow the punk to make a fool of himself in front of all the bosses, trying to explain away his irrational behavior. He will most likely get very defensive when you start telling your story to the bosses, he will say something stupid and will not be able to recover from it.

    As long as you keep your cool, you will have the upper hand.

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    Ask the full timer to test you and the sups friend.... I am willing to bet the other guy can't pass the test to be a pickoff...
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    I agree with GreenGrocer!!!
  9. I agree with Garage Racer
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    He even has it on his avatar now!

    "No It's not green grocer!"
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    I made him an avatar. For some reason he doesn't like it. :wink2:
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    Take the steward with you to the building manager and explain your side. Inform him/her that you have no problem with the sup being in the meeting also. This way if management does not address this you have a witness the steward and than you should file.

    If its not adressed and the sup continues to yell like that, slow down every time he does. Eventually he will catch on.

    Also FYI no where does it say that you must sort 360 pcs an hour, actually it says a fair days work for a fair days pay! That is it!
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    Well tonight he was just complaning about me all day "I walk too slow" I heard this all day so i had alittle freak out and just said " stop harrassing me already and just let me do my job, dont even talk to me." So he runs and gets the shift sup and says lets have a meeting. Ok fine get me my union represtive so we are all in the office. The shift sup is heated talking very loud. He does that alot to try to scare people he hears my side then call out the sup. The sup first lies about some stuff but i kept calling him out he admitted he was lieing about it. I said maybe i shouldn't have said he was harrassing me. The shift sup really didn't know what to say when i admitted i was wrong. lol all started over me walking too slow he loves the drama. I have been working their for almost 3 years and this is the first time i heard of me walking to slow.

    O and I am "undermiding the sup authority" some how. I said i don't even talk that much he says you always talk to the loaders, I am friends with pretty much evey hourly besides 2 or 3 I am very easy to get along with. I tought that was pretty much a joke because some people like me more than the sup i "undermind his authority."
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    I know but I am getting more hours now the sort this a huge mess, the sup just does not want to admit he needs me for something. Thats fine i really don't care what I do I like loading because I get to talk to my friends more.
    I know what you are saying good advice, we will see how it goes from today. If he keeps it up I will have to do this. I really hope I don't have too. I know the numbers are nouthing but I like to load 350 so i can be like i am loading the "goal" even tough he still make little comments.
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    Can you be transferred to another part of the building? How big is your center? I am sure that there are other supes who would be glad to have you in their area.

    And I am sorry for the following: complaining, representative, lying, there, undermining, authority, thought, seniority, against, trailer, you're, serious, tomorrow. But you got "steward" right which completely negates all the other spelling errors!! Atta boy Jared.

    And excuse me, what happened to UPSSOCKS? Now there is a good one and a bad one??? Again, the meds need to be taken daily for them to be effective. Daily, regular doses of prescribed medicine have done wonders for the Rocketman.
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    I was going to say this upon first reading the thread, but now you have spilled the beans.

    Stop talking to people and do your job, **but work slowly and always smile**. Like you won the lottery or have a hot date that night.

    That is why you are supposably slowing others down; too much talking.

    Basically, the pt sup is making a junior power play. I have seen it many times before.

    He feels as though he should make your life miserable and one way in doing so is to intimidate you into not talking to other people during work (aka enjoy yourself and others and your job).
  17. PT Stewie

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    Listen to Red as posted above . Also get a thick skin and when they yell at you about something just smile and say " I am doing my best" that really pisses them off . Don't worry if you are staying the sup will be long gone to before you will.
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    I will just use "union/safety answers" from now on :happy2:. I throw out some safety stuff every now and then the sups. love it(not really)" safety by choice, not by chance" classic lol. But right now I am sorta kinda (hopefully) under the radar of sups after a MUCH more seriouse situation happened yesterday not involving me.
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    Why are you worried about some pt sup?he has no power no authority and in six months he will be moved from the area quit or get fired for stealing,time is always on your side.the next time he yells or swears at you tell him if he cant speak to you with respect dont speak to me at all.After the sort go talk to the full time sup tell him whats going on if he does not correct it go to the sort manager.I have had things like this happen to me in the past and this approach got me an apology from the pt sup everytime.