Should i try to find a new job??

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    i started my training for the package handler position tuesday this week, and i was made a sorter i've been doin pretty good with few mistakes but today when i came in the person that was training me asked me where a package went and i told him the wrong color belt not too long after he told me to go home because they did not have enough work...does this happen often or does it mean i should be trying to find other jobs also i found out that the system wont accept my employee i.d so i might not even get paid for the days i was working
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    It's common for supervisors to ask new hires to go home early. You can go if you want to. Just be aware that you are contractually guaranteed three-and-one-half hours work if you want it. They can't send you home against your will before 3.5 hours. Insist on your 3.5 hour guarantee.

    If you can't punch in or out, I assume someone is entering your time manually in the computer. One way or another you will be paid.

    Talk to your Steward about both of these issues.
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    Unfortunately your in your pre-seniority period which basically means the company can have its way with you. Its hard to say if your missort is what caused your supervisor to send you home, but if you had your seniority you would have a 3.5 hour guarantee the company would have to honor(assuming you are not working in an air hub).

    Don't forget this is also a time for you to decide if this job is really for you. If you get the feeling this isn't something you will be able to do for however long you plan to work here then maybe looking for another job is not a bad idea. If the work seems to be getting easier to handle as time goes on then stick with it and see where it takes you. I wouldn't let one bad night decide whether you should stay with UPS or not.
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    Jon, is he still guaranteed the 3.5 hours if he is still pre seniority? My understanding is during pre seniority period you have no rights under the contract.
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    With some things, the Contract says you must first attain seniority. The 3.5 hour guarantee however is in force from Day One.
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    Brett, the Contract applies to all members of the bargaining unit at all times. It appplies to pre-seniority and even to employees who never join the Union. The Contract also covers the bargaining unit work, not just the people doing it.

    Some clauses in the Contract specifically say an employee must attain seniority, or meet some other criteria (like work for one year, or two years, or three, etc.) The 3.5 hour guarantee clause just says "All part-time employees . . ."
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    Robert your new,unless someone starts talking discipline don`t read too much into it. It`s far from the last thing like that you`ll hear from a sup. That being said,as others have informed you,unless YOU want to leave early than you have the right for your hourly guarantee.
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    thank you guys for the help my overnight job fits in perfectly with my college schedule so i wouldnt want to leave it anytime soon... thank you again for the insight
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    when i started working, once a while the first month when i would come into work they told me to go home

    even though i didnt work.. i still got paid for the hours but u had to show up to work even though u were sent home
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    I'm not even going to read any of this before telling you that if you have to ask if you should find a new job, that is an obvious clue to "Yes, you should!"