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    How can I get a list of all the skilled positions at ups? Would a hazmat acceptance auditor or designated responderbe consider as skilled?
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    In my building, I was a hazard responder for two years . Yes, it is a skilled position. They don't just have anyone respond to hazards or leakers ( or at least they shouldn't). You'll have to take hazard training classes. Then every year same thing, just to get certified once again... However, there is NO pay increase for this position. I work in a hub and there is a lot of damages and leakers. The position was ok.. For me, it was stressful. There is a lot of responsibility with this position and it can be dangerous at times. I did get extra time at the end of the day...which gave me overtime a lot.. But like I said, you will not get a raise for being a hazard responder.
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    Just off the top of my head, some skilled positions that WILL get you an extra dollar an hour are: sorter, pick off, if your building has a slide position that has a lot of volume that you have to sort to the correct belts. Package car loader. I'm sure there is more , maybe irreg. drivers??? Other than the irreg. drivers, I know for sure these positions get an extra dollar in my building. Yours may be different. Ask your sup. or coordinator. They should know. One other thing, when I was newer to UPS I wanted that extra dollar an hour so I took the sort test and passed but didn't want to Sort because I knew I wouldn't get as much time as a regular loader. They let me stay and load and gave me the dollar. That is an option too, if you just wanted the Extra buck, as long as your sups. Are cool with that. Good luck.
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    There's tons of certifications, but skilled as in extra pay is a bit more limited. As ups hero stated hazmat responders are a "skilled" position in as much as you get certified but it doesn't provide skill pay. The benefit there though is there has to be someone at all times trained to deal with hazmats and such so you'll get plenty of time unless there's a bunch of other people also certified.

    As far as skilled pay positions, this can vary some per location, but sorters, pickoffs, irreg drivers, and smalls sorters qualify. My facility put in a new system for our small sort so any new people don't take a test to become a sorter and don't get skill pay but all the people who already had it got grandfathered.
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    Designated Responder is not considered a skilled position, it is a preferred position and employees are placed based on interest and seniority. Increased hours are the alternative to the "skilled position" pay. I'm an RMP and I haven't found an hourly interested in the designated responder position in almost 2 years the other true skilled positions are becoming less "skilled" but maintaining the same "skilled position pay" meanwhile this day in age the Designated Responder position should be at the forefront in "Skilled Position" just my opinion.
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    I work as both an Acceptance Auditor, and a Designated Responder, for at least 9 years, now. Let me just say, everyone is not cut out for it. As stated before, extra hours, as opposed to a raise is all that is given to us. I work the night sort, and we have at least 6 hourly responders. But if I get sick, or go on vaca, I either have a pile of packages waiting for me the next night, or get a ring at home...
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    Does anyone know what the definition of what a skilled position is? I've asked a few people(from HR to center manager), and nobody seems to know the definition. Best I could get is I know it when I see it. Using that definition, then mgmt could issue a verdict that there are no skilled positions, and there would be nothing anyone could do about it. It ahs got to be written somewhere.
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    Per the national contract 22.5, preloaders and sorters have a different pay schedule than all other part time employees. It then follows to say that employees who work the HVD and LVD positions shall be paid at the preloader/sorter rates. Thus a skilled employee for purposes of making an extra dollar are part time preloaders, sorters, and pickoffs.
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    .... Well, we all know mgmt. isn't a skilled position :)
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    As as been pointed out before over the years, there is no "skill" pay. It's just preload/sort rates. If skill were a factor, there are more "skilled" jobs such as D CAP, ODC auditor, etc.
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    Or more likely, "None".