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    First I would like to say hello to all. Ok, I am the only small-sorter at the center I work at. I am the low man on our local-sort, which seems strange to me, but that's because no one else on the sort wants this job. I was put on smalls my second day of work with about 5 mins of training. When i first started there were 2 of us doing smalls, but after the first peak season i worked my sup asked if i could handle all of the smalls by myself, being new and eager to make a good impression i replied "yes as long as we are not heavier than normal". Since then our volume has increased and have gone through another peak season doing both jobs at our smalls station. (we have a large cabinet type bin, and a large slide which is always overflowing with packages). on top this i'm required to float and help where needed (ie. pull package cars off the doors, help load, help unload). My question is, Should i be the only one on smalls or can i get my help back? Also i've been told that if you do smalls you are supposed to get a dollar raise, which is not the case for me, but was told that's because we are a satalitte center. Also i've heard that smalls are supposed to be containerized before coming down the belt, and all air packages are to be brought to the small-sort area which is not the case.
    thank you in advance for any replies.
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    Smalls should be in forever bags but not all drivers do this. I use 2-3 bags each day--it is easier for me and easier on the smalls sort. I also tote my NDA smalls/letters--it is easier for me and for the folks on the air belt. Again, not all drivers carry totes.
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    You may indeed be in line for dollar an hour going back over a year. It wouldn't hurt to ask you local sort steward. At 20 hours a week over a year that's over a thousand dollars. You could buy a cahhh.
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    Will do.. Thank you sir for your reply.
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    Pg 65 in your contract.
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    Is bagging smalls considered skilled? Op doesn't clarify if they are sorting or bagging.
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    If they are already sorted, I say no. If he/she has to know all the zips. yes. Running those little scanners is a skilled job, by itself.
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    He's the only one is smalls sort
    sounds like a skilled job to me.
    If your steward sides with the company on the $1.00 raise issue, get in touch with the union business agent, the union local office's phone number should be posted in the building. Go for the back pay, UPS owes it to you.
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    If you can't find a union phone number, you might be able to find it on their website, assuming they have one. You can search in your state if you're not sure which one is yours, and it'll give you the websites for the locals in your state.

    Worst case let people here know whereabouts you are and someone should know which local you're covered under.
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    Have I got the cahhh fah you. It's a 1977 black Cadillac station wagon. It's got 23,671 miles on it, nevah been driven ovah 25 MPH and the passengah seat has nevah been sat in. Fah $1000 it's yahs, By the way, it's got some really nice cahtains in the back windows. The only bad thing is - it gives a "stiff" ride.
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    Will call my local union later today. The only time ive asked my union rep anything (about why i didnt get a dollar more when i worked preload) He told me, "Tell em to find another fool next time". So i'm not even gonna bother asking him about this.
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    Make him do his job. Remember, he's getting $31 an hour. Make him earn it.