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    This is how they flag an employee at FedEx; it's an entrapment system to weed
    out seniority and the trouble makers ( us pro-union)

    When you go into this site, click on every point and educate yourself, this is the the formula to
    eliminate the employees of FedEx Freight.

    I am pro-union organizer for FedEx Freight since 2006, we created an education website call
    Please feel free to blog and to educate our co-workers on the importance of having a collective Bargaining Agreement.

    Thank you Brothers And Sisters of U.P.S
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    I'm assuming that SIMPLY COMPLIANCE targets "at-risk" drivers under the new FMCSA? You need to post this in the UPS Forums because this portion of the site is basically Express and Ground drivers. UPS Feeder drivers are the ones you want talking to FedEx Freight drivers on the docks about unionization.