Snow wreaks havoc...

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    After checking out soberups’ post I thought I’d add my own snow story. The snow we got here in Southern California has caused havoc as well. I feel bad for us cause we are so unprepared for such things. I mean, really, I know drivers deliver in crazy snow all the time in other states. But it has seriously brought our whole operation to a standstill.
    It started snowing here on Wednesday and kept up all day. Around 1 pm they called ALL the drivers back in… No pickups, nothing, just bring it all back. I work preload and when I heard that I nearly died, for all of us. We were already 4 trailers behind because the feeders were unable to reach us on time Tuesday due to freeway snow and accident closures.
    Then they CANCELLED preload on Thursday! This may happen other places but I was shocked. I’ve been with UPS for 6 years and I’ve never heard of such a thing. It was for the best I guess cause the few people that weren’t notified ended up getting stuck or crashing into things at 1 in the morning. People in California can barely drive in the rain, let alone the freaking snow.
    The drivers showed up at start time and the last I had heard they were sent back out to deliver all that was brought back. Ok, so, we had a full day of trailers left over from the cancelled day and several others from the day the freeway was closed. How nice.
    We showed up for preload this morning and I swear, all but maybe 7 of the routes were still more than half full. There was no full time management there yet and the lead part time guy was staring at his cell phone in desperation saying the lead full time guy’s name out loud. It was kind of sad, I felt for the poor guy. They finally give the preloaders 10 minutes, telling us to just use the old pal number and forget about send agains. Um, ok.
    Most people did as they were told but I stuck all my send agains in a pile and every now and then I’d pull the sticker off and throw it on the belt to get re-spad and recycled. F all that old spa number nonsense. I did help others set up their trucks though and it was the biggest mess ever. Nothing ever goes in the same place so the poor drivers had stuff ALL OVER!
    They kept taking routes out, unloading the whole damn thing, putting it back, unloading it again. And then everyone was just loading on top of the send agains. It was such chaos. We did 7 hours of preload and then they surprised us with a second sort. The drivers leave, well, most of them anyway. Several stayed behind to throw stuff out of their trucks in frustration while cursing and crying.
    Atleast 20 drivers show up from other centers, as far away as 200 miles. I had the really unfortunate task of loading 2 mini vans, yay me!!! They seriously thought that 1/2 a route PLUS lowe’s, home depot and walmart would all fit in one of those crappy little things. Nope.
    I can hardly wait to show up tomorrow at 1 am and preload till 8 then go out and drive air. Apparently we are going to load like a regular day and when we come back on Monday they will pull all the trucks out and we can load more loaner trucks. I only hope the mini vans don’t show up again. Who knew a little snow could so jack things up?
    Sorry it’s such a long post but I guess I had a lot to bitch about L I’m sure that everyone will think we’re all being big babies here and I totally agree. I’m just amazed by the madness of it all and thought I’d share.
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    Dont feel to bad, it all happen across from you also, In the antelope valley,well the bad part is that the manager didnt get the ok to come in on sat and send all the drivers out, they declined to get ok from corp. What ever happen with customers come first........that was in the 80's.
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    So he plans to send them wo the ok knowing theyd say no, or he was then checked and they said no?
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    That's the storm that kept us from going to Vegas on Monday.....turns out the pass was closed Weds. too for like 22 hours, so we would've had trouble coming home too.
    We only got as far as the 215 on I-15 and they were turning us off at that point. It was a nightmare for the economy......loads of trucks not getting through.

    We could really use an alternate major route to Vegas.......hey Obama, build some roads !!
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    Here in Illinois, just west of Chicago, we got 2 inches of ice.
    I probably would have been able to ice skate down the driveway, my only concern would have been stopping once I hit the street!!

    Took about 5 hours, to chop the ice, shovel and toss the ice off the driveway. And that was non stop, working together. Would have been easier with 12 inches of snow. Oh, the joys of winter in the Midwest.
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    Sorry, but I have to quote Nelson from the Simpsons on hearing you Californians had to deal with snow...HAW HAW
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    ha, ha here in Michigan we got 12" of snow, and although I did get 35 e/c there was a driver that had 100 missed today. Monday will be hell. Go UPS...
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    in my neck of the woods in jersey, we had some snow today that started oh, i
    don't know 6 in the morning and it turned to rain sometime by 17:00 and I got out of house by 18:30 to punch in at 20:00 . When i got to another terminal by 20:00 , i heard from a mechanic that one of the feeder drivers in our area sometime during the day got into a bad accident where he rearended a pickup truck on the highway. I have no more details about the accident except that when i got back to my terminal, they was picture of a tractor on the television screen( usually t.v screen has some smith system info) with its front smashed in, hood missing and it looked like the engine got slightly crushed if that is possible. I assume it is a picture of said accident and I assume it was put up as an example of what not to let happen to your tractor. i hope and pray that the driver is all right.
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    forgot to mention that the reason i gave my time getting out of the house is to indicate that I really do not have a good idea of how much snow we actually got in the area is because it had already been raining for about an hour and 1/2 and thus the snow melted somewhat . But from what i understand, some areas in jersey got hammered and some got away with a lot less.
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    On thursday's storm, I had to stay home because I live on top of the hills and most roads were closed and city buses ceased operations in afternoon due to fact that unexperienced drivers in snow. So I called in and let them know I wasn't going to make it. Then founded out that Seattle got hammered with several inches of snow as well Redmond got hammered 8 inches of snow. Many things comes to difficult where people couldn't get to work in such heavy snow storm like this. On Friday, everybody was able to come to work and try to get it done but we know we have more snow storm is headed our way this weekend and kind of hoping that we can make the best of it getting it done right before christmas. Working for UPS, it's a real challenge that we can do this and making sure our customers know where the package is shipped and delivered on time before christmas. :)
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    Another big storm is coming your way it looks like, So much for packing an umbrella in Seattle

  12. I feel for you Chan. I am in Southern Illinois near St. Louis and got some of the ice too. Not as bad as what you got, though. Then we got some light rain/drizzle that only seemed to make things worse. Like someone had driven a zamboni over the roads to smooth out the ice.

    I would rather have a foot of snow to deal with than this stuff. Driving in snow is somewhat predictable. And usually the worst thing that will happen is getting stuck. Driving on ice is flat out scary and could result in much, much worse.

    Be safe out there and don't try to be a hero. Live to deliver another day.
  13. dilligaf

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    Where in MI?
  14. tourists24

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    It's all that global warming going around folks.... hang in there
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    We all went out in a blizzard last night!! The supes told us to ''BECAREFUL OUT THERE !! that covers everything in case we had an accident cuz we were warned to ""BECAREFUL OUT THERE """ LOL LOL LOL
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    Like chan said, we got ice in some of the western and southern burns, but north were i deliver we got 12 inches of snow late thursday night through friday morning. On thursday i had 360 stops yeterday went out with 311 and finished. Thank god i have a good hepler and ups actuallt supplies spikes to pull over our bots for better traction.

    More snow coming tonight through sunday, but right now i believe that my center is clean with no packages carried over. Snow sucks, but ruining someones xmas sucks more.
  17. Re-Raise

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    I don't know Red. I am in central Ill on a rural route that covers about 200 miles and 130 stops this time of year. I grew up in the area I deliver and know a lot about the people on my route so I was able to get all but 2 pkgs delivered Friday getting to what I could and calling a lot of people to work out other ways to get them their pkgs.

    My point is will it really ruin their xmas if I don't get my pkg car up their ice covered hill to get them their pkg they waited till 2 days before xmas to order?

    I am a 20 year driver and I have been on a slope in a sliding pkg car with no way to stop it. It isn't worth it to be a hero. That 1 box isn't what xmas is all about is it?
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    Re- it's too bad that more of our customers don't feel the same way. I'm sure there are going to be those that say their driveway wasn't snowed in and you could have gotten there. LOL
  19. Re-Raise

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    I hope I never turn my kids into materialistic little brats that can't appreciate a gift a couple of days late if means not risking someone's physical safety.

    If it is really that important order the damn thing a month early. I mean really they are "toys".
  20. dilligaf

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    I second that. I guess because of working in the industry, I have a better appreciation of planning ahead. LOL

    Late or not, at least it got there.