So I've been with UPS for 3 months now. Newcomers and Vets are invited.

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    Before I begin I just want to say that I didn't think I'd make it this long.

    When I first got there I wanted to quit everyday for the 1st month. My body got adjusted to the work load and the work didnt become easier I just got used to how hard it was. Now I just want to quit maybe 3 days out of the week.

    In like my 3rd week I had a groin pull at work and after the hospital visit and the interrogation the safety people put me through the sup told me if I need help lifting bulk to ask for help because "we will F'in help you". Like a month ago I asked for help lifting bulk and no one would help me and when I tried to use the forklift the sup told me "you don't need that" so I walked over to the desk and clocked out the sup told me I just couldn't leave and then I just left and after that I've had help lifting up every piece of bulk that comes to me or either he just lifts it himself.

    Maybe 2 months ago I witnessed one of my co-workers who was in the truck with me steal and I had a debate with myself whether or not to tell the sups what he did and I decided not to say anything and just let it play out and it was a very smart idea because since then I have found out that half of my dock steals and I have witnessed the p/t supervisor see them stealing twice and actually joked about it with one of the other workers.

    When you don't get misloads but your not moving that fast they'll tell you to speed up. When you do speed up but get misloads they'll tell you to watch the misloads. If they see a jam in your truck and your backed up working as hard as you can they'll scream at you to break the jam.

    If you show them you are a reliable person they will give you more repsonsibility as time goes on and this means more hours which isn't that bad if you have no other source of income.

    To end I have to say that UPS is bad but at least you'll have a job, but with all of the thievery(A guy that has been working there for 10 years just got fired last week for stealing Wii games. Freakin Wii games) and hard work that goes on at UPS for so little pay if you can find another job take it. Only come to UPS if they are the only company to call you back, but while there always fill out other applications.

    Edit: I forgot to mention what happens if people don't show up for work. We have 9 workers on out dock and we have a hard time getting 5 people to show up everyday and if people don't show up that means your job is going to be a lot harder, but you'll get more hours so I don't know if thats good or bad.
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    Yeah, doesn't sound like your skin is thick enough. Good luck in your next career. And if you don't want to be an accomplice report the trash who's stealing and helping to make UPS raise their rates to our customers.
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    Eventually you will know the flow of all the trucks and how heavy it is and go your pace. You can't go fast enough and when you do, and your clean your asking for more work.
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    Why would you watch people steal? I have a hard time thinking all that stealing is going on at UPS. Isn't there a number you can call and report it and if they catch them you get a reward
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    Yes there is a reward for reporting a thief but I don't know how much luck you would have getting UPS to pay but ALWAYS report stealing in the workplace as you could be fired for witnessing it and not doing anything.
  6. But Benefits Are Great!

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    Do you have a bet with someone as to how long you can make a sentence?
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    I'm sorry dude, sounds like you had the worst possible experience working for UPS. All of the management in my hub (at least that I've seen) do their job pretty well and don't tolerate much BS from people (stealing, disrespect, etc) and are always really understanding about your trucks getting hammered with volume. I loaded for about a year and a few odd months and for the majority of that time I rather enjoyed going to work in the hub. That's the trouble though, from what I've heard you either have a great experience or a horrible one and it sounds like you got the unpaved lane of that two way street. My hub turned out to be the perfect work environment once I got used to the sweating and always being sore, and it's unfortunate to me that someone is walking away with a bad experience from there. PM me if you want any advice.
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    Hey mr-bennet - glad you came back to let us know. Had to smile at your process of "good and bad" "good or bad". Unbelievable BS going on - much worse at your hub with the stealing. Myself, I'd consider going up notch or two with management. Would be entirely po'd to watch that go on.

    You got one thing right - the more you do the more they want. Long as you want the hours and keep yourself safe it can be a good thing. Be sure to satisfy your own work ethic and don't worry about theirs.

    There should be folks running around to help with bulk. If you're refused help, find a sup and ask him to get another person or, better yet, ask him to help you. It's good for 'em.

    With the low starting wage and and management style I wouldn't blame anyone for looking elswhere. Stick tight until something better comes along and keep us posted.
  9. dc_sniper9130

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    Yeah, I always do the best I can to find help for my guys and if I can't I offer to help them myself. My sup when I was a loader was real generous that way and I always appreciated it.
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    Read the fine print about rewards....something like upon conviction. Ya right.
    Most people caught , confess.
    Do the right thing anyway....drop a dime.
    It shows others that you have a strong moral compass.
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    cant handle a lil hard work? when u said u couldnt lift a bulk package so u tried to use a forklift and your superviser told u not to, and u clocked out, u sound like a whiny ******, if its to heavy to lift tell the damn superviser your usin the forklift

    ups is not for u, enjoy your office job
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    if half your belt is stealing then they sending up smoke signals that will soon attract LP attention. When that happens you get fired for being an accessory. Pickup the phone and call the hot line.
  13. 705red

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    Indy for a freight gut that has said that you dont know much about the small package aspect, seems you now think you are an expert.

    We are not suppose to lift anything over 70lbs without using a team lift approach being that both employees are union. This does not happen all the time, but i can tell you that ups will fight your injury claim if you hurt yourself lifting an over 70 by your self.

    The employee should not have gone home, but if you read his posts when he was hurt he was told to ask for help. This is common at ups, ups always says the right things when you are injured but when he requested help he was denied help.

    You will see that what you thought was bad at roadway was a cake walk compared to what you are in fro at ups, this is not a slam on you and welcome to ups and the cafe brother!
  14. dc_sniper9130

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    Of course they will. Employees (management and hourly alike) are told over and over from day one that workers are "not allowed" to lift a 70+ lb package by yourself. However, they also say "know your limits." This is a really shifty approach, it's like saying "the speed limit is 60, but don't go faster than conditions allow for." Obviously on a bright, sunny, light-traffic day people will go faster than 60, but it's still illegal. If an emloyee hurts themselves lifting an over-70, UPS will likely not cover that injury since the employees are told and the official policy is that overweight packages need a team lift, even if you're perfectly capable of lifting more than 70 lbs at a time. Kind of crooked if you ask me, but my signature explains UPS's core moral IMHO.
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    I personally know of one preloader that turned in a thieving worker and got paid. So it does happen. Dude, I don't know how you can work with all those stinkin' thieves around you. Turn them in by calling the hotline, or as Tie says, maybe Loss Prevention will be looking at you too.

    Damn, I hate thieves!!!!
  16. Indy135

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    u dont think at freight we get loose cartons (boxes)? and i have done it all before, i use to work at a CVS distribution center where theres a conveyor belt packed full of :censored2: just flyin at u to load, i know how it is

    but if u ask for help and nobody helps u, and u are hurt, use the damn u said, this guys a union worker, if the superviser said anythign to him he should go straight to the steward and file a grievance if it came to that

    but just walkin out on the job like that is just dumb

    also, the ONLT thign that makes ups freight harder then roadway is that loaders at UPS freight do NOT load/brace :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: when u open a trailer everything has already fell over...thats bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:

    its not even a hard job either
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    Give it some time! You will experience the ups experience, one day you will wake up and realize you are doing everything half :censored2: backwards and then you will know what ups has done to you!

    I sense a little anger in your post!
  18. Indy135

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    i aint worried about it, it aint a bad job at all, could go alot smoother if people sometimes would take the time to use ONE loadbar, which can make a huge difference in what happens to the load in transit

    could be easier if they would crack down on loading techniques but they dont seem to give a :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:, they want us to pick up :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: in the trailers i guess....even tho it aint necesary
  19. 705red

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    Reading your posts is a lot like doing mad libs! You get censored and i fill in the blanks, come on try it, its fun.
  20. Indy135

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    dont know why they block off cuss words

    pretty stupid