So Long Freedom Watch

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Feb 13, 2012.

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    Nobody had the guts to do this

    [video=youtube;S-cqq-WxhRM] ABAA[/video]
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    Its not about being grilled on tv. Its him not being prosecuted for war crimes and crimes against peace in the ICC .
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    ALSO given the axe from FOX business were ERIC BOLLINGS show and DAVID ASMANS show. Both were nothing more than OBAMA bashing shows and provided NO INFORMATION other than partisan political bashing.

    I applaud the decision to AXE Napalitano, Bolling and Asman.


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    To say these guys are gone for good is a bit of an overstatement. Its akin to your route getting cut, it doesn't mean you are no longer employed by UPS, it just means you will have to go to a different route. These guys will be back on other Fox programming. It is just a matter of time.
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    Eric Bolling is one of the "Five At Five". Last I heard, the show is doing well!!
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    Just now saw the judge on Cavuto................maybe I was seeing things.
  9. The Other Side

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    OBERMAN still has a show on primetime.


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    The issue of these cancellations is simple. Americans are tiring of the constant OBAMA bashing on FOX channels and ratings were dropping for the Judge, Bolling, Asman as their shows were nothing more than the same regurgitated talking points of the fox news channel. Same talking heads as guests, same distortions of the facts and the same old useless information repeated.

    Americans are learning what FOX brings to the table, and they are TUNING out.

    FOX knows it has to make changes before they suffer more ratings declines. The country is advancing and the doom and gloomers on FOX are losing credibility.


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    Didn't ask who did or didn't have a show. I did ask:
    What in this video do you disagree with?
    What falsehoods did he say?
    Who is the biggest windbag, Napolitano or Olberman?
    Of those two, who has the most credentials?
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    [h=1]Keith Olbermann Posts Worst Ratings Yet[/h]

    Turns out Keith Olbermann's fans may not be willing to follow him to the ends of the earth. Or in this case Current TV.

    The Daily News reports that Olbermann's show has lost nearly half its viewers since its June Debut.
    Current doesn't make Olbermann's ratings public (unless the show has a particularly good week as it did in the last week of August), but the NYDN got its hands on some numbers and they're not great.


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    You'd think he could get more people than that to watch him by accident.
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    wkmac is Judge Napolitano!