Solar Flare Storm

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by texan, Dec 29, 2011.

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    Particles ejected by recent solar storms are due to slam into Earth over the next few days, possibly causing super-charged northern lights displays and temporary radio blackouts in some areas, experts say

    Read more: Sun Storms May Slam Earth Wednesday | Fox News

    Perhaps if the sky is clear, we can see northern light displays further south in the next few days. As for our northern neighbors, it should be a good show.
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    Not at all posting this upcoming one is of the same magnitude, but I found it interesting that In March 1989, a powerful
    solar flare set off a major March 13 power blackout in Canada that left six million people without electricity for nine hours.
    According to NASA, the flare disrupted electric power transmission from the Hydro Québec generating station and even
    melted some power transformers in New Jersey.
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    I might have to get my cam out tonight !

    'Space Hurricane': Huge Solar Storm Is Pounding Earth Now

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    That does it, I'm banging in tonight!
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    Bah Humbug !

    It's 2am here. in the most northern metropolitan city in North America, skies are clear - and NOTHING !
    So much for a forecasted sky light show :(
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    I didn't see anything. My phone still works. geez. Big buzz, big let down.
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    Hey, they have to justify their existence some how.
  8. I felt weird on Tuesday, I found out probably this is what caused it, one of my customer actually went to the hospital on the same day....
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    I had a bad hair day....I was wondering what caused it?
  10. The Sun did look so bright as never before...
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    Biggest solar storm in years races toward Earth, could disrupt power grid, GPS and more

    WASHINGTON - The largest solar storm in five years was due to arrive on Earth early Thursday, promising to shake the globe's magnetic field while expanding the Northern Lights.