Some unions now angry at Obamacare

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Wally, May 24, 2013.

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    Not everyone is always going to agree. It's just human nature.
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    It never hurts to read it yourself first!
    Never depend on someone else to do it for you!
    And always ask questions and get answers in writing!
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    You mean, READ IT BEFORE YOU VOTE FOR IT? This is too important to pull a Pelosi.
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    How many of you wore those "Teamsters for Obama" buttons in 2008? If you did you going to get exactly what you nitwits voted for. Enjoy. It's your fault suckers.
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    Decisions have consequences, and the decision to blindly and unilaterally support Obama and the democrats have created this corrosive environment that is eating away at our very way of life. All in the name of increasing the power of the individuals whom the union purports to be our allies when in fact they are the very people who will stab you in the back when it fits their purposes to do so.
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    Romney established 'Romneycare' in is home state! the writing is on the wall: this type of federal over haul of Health Insurance is/was going to be enacted regardless of the party holding the presidency
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    Not necessarily. The politics of MA and the politics of the nation as a whole are completely different. Romney knew his healthcare plan was not popular with the national GOP electorate so simply instituting a mirror version of it on a national scale wasn't going to win him any brownie points with the conservatives. Not to mention Romney being a republican knew that a democrat stronghold like MA would tolerate such nonsense. What your argument should have been was even if Romney had won the Senate would have remained in democrat hands making removing Obamacare impossible. Although its now apparent that the majority of the nation wishes to return to the healthcare system pre-Obamacare so removing this monstrosity of a law may not be has hard as we might think.
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    It doesnt matter who wrote the bill or who passes it.... its a garbage bill, that is already driving up healthcare costs
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    You can't blame the bill yet. It hasn't been fully implemented and insurance companies are using the ACA as an excuse to pile on the premiums. They're in it for a profit and I'm sure the executives were salivating when they heard what was going to happen. I don't like the idea of insurance companies being able to make a profit by denying claims for people who are truly sick or have pre existing conditions. ACA takes care of that, but at the expense of being another tax...something Obama promised it wouldn't be. Say...didn't H. Bush get a ration of shat and the ire of the public when he said "read my lips, no new taxes." But Obama does the same thing with the ACA and people just kinda lets it go? People are funny that way.
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    Welcome back to the failed policies that handed us the state of the union of the 70's. Just another (and more of it) mess for conservatives to clean up and correct once people wake up.....again. RIP Ronald Reagan.... real leadership.
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