spicer truck 2nd gear


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I was working with a driver yesterday and noticed that every time he came to a stop rather than put the truck in 1st he'd start it in 2nd. I'm just curious if that's customary with those types of package cars?


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1st in many vehicles is a creeper gear and even though the mechanics hate it many drivers just start in 2nd and burn up clutch faster.


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Gas P1000s I always started in 2nd without the clutch. We only use the clutch in Tractors for 1st, Reverse, and whatever gear you start off in. Some Internationals like you to start in 4th or 5th if it's tractor only, 2nd or 3rd works for most loads. FUN FACT: you can roll start a Mack in reverse.


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What, no automatic tranny?

I remember years back hearing, "we will never have automatic transmissions"... now, almost 3/4 of the line is.


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2nd gear in a Spicer is the equivalent of first gear in a normal car transmission. First gear in a Spicer is a "granny" creeper gear that you would only use if you were heavy loaded and going from a dead stop on a steep hill.


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Spicer tested some new clutches in my center and they were dismal failures. Everyone hated the trucks with Spicer clutches.


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I put my truck in 1st at every stop, knock it into neutral when I start it and take off in 2nd. I have a very hilly route - don't trust leaving the truck in 2nd at a stop.