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    Can someone please explain to me the thought behind cutting out all the split routes, and making the normal routes super heavy. Sure you get to send a few drivers home, but the other routes get massive ot. Most of the drivers didnt get in to well after 8 tonight. Then on the other hand, they dont want anyone working over 9 5. To me its a lose lose for the center. There has to be a reason for this, but I just cant figure it out. Is it cost saving, and if it is, how?
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    They collapse one truck that has 100-110 business stops in it, then divide it amongst three other trucks. So a truck that normally has 85-95 business stops, now has 130 business stops in addition to his regular 35-40 resi's. Where is the logic? They must know that the driver will be calling in for help to help finish his business before shuttle. I just don't understand why.
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    way i've seen it done in my building is they cut hte split route, add a crapload of work to one of hte senior guys, he says its too much work & they offer him the day off. He takes & they give the route to a rookie who's not at top rate yet so my guess is that it does save them money.
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    I think OT is cheaper than straight time. No contributions to pension and H&W
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    That cant be the only reason, has to be something we are missing. It really does not make sense.
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    They do this simply to make the numbers. They are told how many routes they can have on road, and thats how many they put out regardless of any other factors.
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    A lot of it is based simply on the volume your center is getting. The amount of pieces forecasted will determine how many routes get to go out. This is not decided at the center manager level; comes from higher up on how many routes are allowed on a given day. After this it becomes a game for whoever does the dispatching as to what goes where to make the numbers fit.
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    If they are going to cut routes, I just wish they would vary which truck gets cut each day. Give the loaders and drivers a break.
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    Well if the volume is so down why don't they cut some management jobs out. Seems like we are so top heavy now that it is not funny. So send a few drivers home and load everyone up. Should do the same to the suits and ties. Then we could really save some money.
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    not to mention it's horrible from a customer service standpoint. Once upon a time a customer could set their clock to know what time their UPS guy would come through the door. now you never know,,, it's even ok if you show up 5 minutes before close time... as long as it shows ok on the report
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    I'm not slamming you in any way, you have very valid questions for the real world just not for the UPS world. In the UPS world words such as "logic and fairness" have no place. Are you a fairly new employee?

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    Other reasons they cut routes :

    1. Less cars that has to be insured for the day

    2. The less employees that work, the less contributions UPS has to pay into our health care and benefits

    3. Less total miles on cars (basically to get on area) which means less gas

    4. The cars that sit in the center are saved an extra day from maintainance costs
    As much as I've been :censored2: at the center manager and sups, the number of routes is mandated above them using the center's volume levels. They don't follow orders, they will be looking for a new job!

    I've been over 10 more this year than my last 7. You just have to happy to have a high paying job and making great money. Also makes it more important to enjoy your weekends:happy-very:
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    It's really simple, it could be called an unwritten UPS philosophy: Do more with less.
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    In my area they have, 2 on cars, 1 center manager, 1 dm fired in last 2 months dont know whats going on.
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    Dig :censored2:, Fill it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Who insures cars on a day by day basis? I want to leave my car uninsured when I bike to work!

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I was told there a simple process for volume and how many routes are planned. You take the total volume divide by the number of regular routes fpr your building. If the resulting number doesn't justify the number of drivers you have available they will cut routes until management is satisfied with the ratio.

    They will also do radical things like having low-volume,low-stop count country routes do a nearby city route before heading out trying to squeeze any production out of non-productive routes. They purposely over-dispatch in our neck-of=the woods almost daily. If you finish early (rookies!) you just get sent to another area to cover.

    I'm a seasoned driver,I know how much I can do even on the busiest days. I'm so comfortable with my route that I know I can take 10-12 extra stops and not to over 9.5 I just don't let them know that, it's an "ace-in-the-hole" for me.
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    It's my understanding that UPS is self insured on package cars, meaning they don't really pay insurance premiums as we do on our personal rides. When there is an accident UPS pays an insurance company (the company may vary in different regions) to process the claim with UPS provided money.