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  1. dman

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    Any details on what is being offered in the SPR?
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  3. Monkey Butt

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    SPR is the Management Buyout.

    Yeah dman.
    All kinds of threads on this.
  4. cachsux

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    I believe the SPR guidelines are that if you`re not smart enough to search out the 20 other threads on it,then you`re not eligible.
  5. Monkey Butt

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    What happened to your ring finger?
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    excusez-moi ?
  7. upssalesguy

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    if you got the bailout, you got a NDA letter sent to your home. the mangaer that rode with me today kept calling his wife asking.

    i asked him if he would jump for joy if he got it, he siad he would read it first, then jump for joy.
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    Taint one. My bad.
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    Maybe you could be so kind as to point out a thread that has the details of the offer. I see lots of threads talking about the "whos of the buyout" but no one yet talking about the "whats"
  10. whiskey

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    Rumor has it center manager's have to unload all of their UPS stock upon exiting.
  11. dman

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    Do the 20 other threads have any details on what is being offered as a buyout? Is there a pension and benifits and some cash like in 95 or just cash only. If so, how much?
  12. cachsux

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    Well if everyone comes in and starts a new thread on it then the info will never be consolidated into one,easy to find,location.
  13. MillerTime

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    I'm a supervisor, and I'd like to know the details as well if one is willing to share...
  14. Anonymous 10

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    I delivered one to a manager on my route at about 20:05 it was a nda and I LMAO and hit b for weather.
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    here's what i know...for those that are or will be 55 on dec 31st 2010 it is not even a question- TAKE IT.. the deal is not worth second guessing- for Division mgs in the 50 to 54 category it less of a no brainer...not enough to walk without the possibility of the dice rolling against you...but given the risk...I believe it is enough to tip the scale of a 50/50 proposition of staying around for demotion or severance...So many will be calculating THEIR odds of survival.
  16. BrownSuit

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    I'm assuming it was a BD Manager (Area Sales Manager) who rode with you and not somebody from operations? In which case they wouldn't have qualified to begin with. District and Region BD were clearly spelled out as ones who were going to be sticking around for a while.