SRP/EBO Accepted or Declined Numbers are In

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Six Sides, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. Six Sides

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    The deadline to accept the SRP/EBO has passed, approximately 1100 offers were made. The numbers should be in and totaled. The question of the day is how many are taking it, or will there be a shortfall and a need for a second pass
  2. Mr Jingles

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    Word is that it starts again next week and there is no second round.
    People have been identified and they will be terminated just like the ones in Marketing earlier this year and in IS New Jersey last year.
    Probably a separation package but gone.
    Everyone just wants to get it over with and get back to some kind of normalcy.
  3. Brownup'78

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    Today is the last day for the chosen few to change their mind to "DEAL OR NO DEAL", For some the choice to stay is a valid option if the need for these employee have somewhere to go, maybe supervisors in a select age and years of service would be more than willing to give them their spot if given the option of an EBO.
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    The only group that will have somewhere to go will be the grade 18 and above. The grade 18 and up, are the so called true partners, and will take care of each other. As for the center managers grade 16, 54+ that decline the offer, lots of luck, you will need it.
    As for supervisors, I agree, a lot of 54+ would leave if offered the SRP/EBO.
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    There will not be a need for a second pass if the numbers are not met. The offer protects the company from litigation. If the number is not met they can come in, give you a severance package and tell you your job is eliminated. You say "this is not fair, I'll sue". Company says, "we made you an offer and you turned it down". The risk were stated upfront in the package that you ran the risk of not having a position and it is "strongly encouraged" that you consider the packet if you got one.

    This gives the company all the flexiblity it needs in case enough packages are not taken.
    It won't make it down to the supevisor level because this is where the "meat and potatoes" of doing business on a day to day basis is done. They know too many in this group would probably take it and this puts the company at a far greater risk than grade 18"s leaving who are doing duplicate jobs.
    It's all right there in the "Q and A".

    They took the power to select the new grade 18"s out of the new district manager's hands. He has the new structure, but not the team. Teams were put together by the region based on performance scores, education, years of experience and the other critieria listed in the Q and A. In a nutshell, they are looking for young grade 18's (in my opinion) who can run two or three divisions and are young enough to be around for a couple of years and oh yeah who will do it for less because they don't have the big salaries and stock options of the current 30+ year guy. Just saying......
  6. tieguy

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    I think you're pretty close to the mark with your analysis. corporate has the answer and will present it to the district managers in sealed envelopes. someone from hr will be present when the district manager reviews it. I think you're right I think there will be people that seperate when the information is reviewed.