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    I have been preload for almost 3 yrs and have never missed a day of work. The other day I had an little accident (at home not at work) and will be out of work for 3 weeks. My Sup had me come in to see if center manager would let me work but he said to come back when I was cleared by Dr and UPS Dr

    Have never been in this situation but one of the guys was telling me we have ST disability, will I be out long enough for this and what is the procedure if I am
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    You have to be out for at least 2 weeks and need to contact your HR person to get the process started.
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    Short-Term Disability (up to 26 weeks) is covered by your Health & Welfare Plan. Dig out your Summary Plan Description (SPD) booklet and look up Short-Term Disability and Eligibility and Submitting A Claim.

    There are many different plans that cover different regions of the country. Each has its own rules.

    If you are a part-timer, make sure you have enough hours to be covered. In my Local most part-timers don't qualify for Short-Term Disability!!!