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    Thank you to everyone that helped me out with advice. My first week is going great. The nightmares of an endless stream of boxes falling on my head, is the only exception.:ohmy: The cleansing your body gets with all the work and heat, feels great. I'm drinking a gallon of water a shift and sweating out about a half gallon. The supervisors treat everyone well in my hub. They give us bottled water and pretty much leave you alone as long as your getting your work done. I was worried about treatment and productivity after reading some of the bad experiences some wrote about on browncafe. So far, so good.
    The turnover is unbelievable. The Sup's smile when you just show up. Several People are cover driving on their ninth month. I have a clean driving record so things are looking good for the future.

    "Every box I lift, is one box closer"
  2. moreluck

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    Congrats on your first week......what a refreshingly great attitude!!
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    Im glad your first week is going well, but have you ever wondered why the turnover is unreal? HMMMMM
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    One of the things I like most about UPS is going home so sweaty and beat.

    It's improving my health, and I'm getting stronger and faster every day. And I'm not paying a gym or a physical fitness trainer. UPS is paying me.
  5. rushfan

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    With a few exceptions, If you compare UPSers with the general population, you will notice we look younger than we really are. IMHO it's the physical activity we get. That is one benefit I get being a UPSer
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    Thats one thing I've noticed, active UPSers look alot younger than they are.
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    It is really good to hear this. I needed this desparately.

    In my building, 8 management people quit in one week. In my early years, I never heard of more than 5 people quitting in a decade.

    The division manager in my building sent every management person home from the preload to write a letter why they should keep their jobs.

    It is truly good to know that this level of BS is not everywhere at UPS.

    Good luck to you!
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    I'm sorry :(
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    Yes it is refreshing to hear that somewhere things are being managed well. Much better than where most of us seem to be, maybe it will catch on...........
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    That is partially true. You get a good workout, which keeps you in shape etc. I know several guys who have lost a lot weight while working here. But, also working here can be detrimental to your health. You can easily get injured while working here. Many guys complain about their back or something else is bothering them. I notice at my center that some guys who have been working there for many years, they are "hunched":wheelchai over. How about the dust we breath, every night when I blow my nose, all what comes out is black dirt.
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    glad to see your 1st week went well.. sups treating everyone well..the heat must of gotten to them
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    Go clean horse stalls for a few hours.

    You'll be blowing (and hacking) out plenty of black stuff and it won't be "dirt."

    Won't hurt you either.

    When did "Teamster" become synonymous with "drama queen?"

    Just wondering...
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    Re: Got a raise already

    No more unloading....They moved me to pre-load. I got a dollar more, sweet. I did the pick off today and next week i'm loading package cars. We have P.A.S. so I hope to do a little better than a monkey.:lol:
  14. aspenleaf

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    Re: Got a raise already

    Welcome to pre-load! You should do much better than a monkey! PAS makes it easier (or so they say) to load the trucks. Pay attention to the truck you are in and don't misload your packages. Really watch your next day air pieces and good luck!
  15. scratch

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    PAS is wonderful. Besides looking out for Next Day Air, try to match up the Route number to the particular Package Car you are in. Most of my missorts are due to a different Preloader other than my regular perfect Preloader gal. These other Preloaders put the package on the shelf by sequence number correctly in the right section, but in the wrong car. I had two spectacular off area missorts this week, both due to "Bad Slaps". This is when the PAS label person scans the delivery label, but puts the PAS label on the wrong box.

    My regular Preloader is off next week, so this means I will have to look at every box before I leave the building next week.:bored:
  16. new2ups

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    Thanks, thats what they say "pas is so easy a monkey could do it", lol. I will try not to misload especially air. I talked to the drivers and that is number 1 complaint.
  17. Joopster

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    Easist way to verify on the pas is to look at the last 4 digits in the tracking number, don't look at the address etc.

    Another thing I used to do when I loaded was circle the car number on each package, helps you to mentally check where your putting them.

    And when your superivsor comes up and talks to you about your misloads, just tell them to RTS it for you....
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