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  1. In New England we are under state of emergency utnil 5pm on Monday. Emergency vehicles only. Due to the hurricane.
    Can they make us go out and deliver? Are we even getting feeders overnight?
    I'f I don't go in can they do anything?
  2. menotyou

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    No one can force you to break the law.
  3. grgrcr88

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    If there is a state of emergency declared and stated only emergency personnel then UPS vehicles would fall under that ban of vehicles.
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    I'd check your local laws, just because they declare a state of emergency doesn't neccessarily mean you can be fined or anything by going out. If you caused some sort of problem (drove into flooded waters or something like that) then you may be in trouble.
  5. klein

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    Go in if they come pick you up , and only then !
    Because, it's illegal for you to drive your own vehicle to work ! (and probably illegal for UPS trucks to be on the road, too) !
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    Well, in either case. Volumn is gonna put u guys in a state of EMERGENCY on Tuesday. Mondays volumn plus the new Tuesday volumn is gonna give u a peak season christmas in Aug. We had a bad storm last week that gave power outages and all that volumn smashed us the next day. Go in Monday. Call off Tuesday. LoL.

    Seriously though. hope u and yours R safe.

    I didn't want any E.C. air or other pieces brought back to haunt me the next day so werever I couldn't get my truck to, I ran off on foot and dolly if pieces were big. The customers loved me. I wasn't loving myself though by end of day. Sucked. Big trees down, power lines down. A small building smashed up by a tornado that I never heard about on the news.
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    The remnants of Irene are expected to be out of the area by late tonight. I wouldn't be surprised if they lift the state of emergency tomorrow morning. I would plan on working tomorrow unless you hear differently from your mgt team.
  8. This is off their website.

    I have declared the state of emergency in Orange County to ensure the safety of the county residents,” “At this time travel is restricted, and I am advising all Orange County residents to remain off the roadways, unless it is absolutely an emergency and travel is necessary. Only emergency responders and those authorized to assist with the storm should be on the roadways.”
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    Just keep watching their website and the local tv channels. If the ban is lifted, you are good. Print out the a copy of the ban at the time you are scheduled to work, if it is still in effect. Always cover your ass with those people! Email a copy of the ban, at start time, to your local union BA. Call them in the am to confirm they received it. Fax a copy of said ban to the work fax, also.
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    Good advice
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    Put some flashing lights on your personal vehicle and your package car and get those deliveries made soldier!!! No rest for the weary!!!
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    How about stating the obvious and call before your start time.