Still haven't gotten all my pay from being a driver helper

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    The long and the short if it is: I was a driver helper for about a month during peak, and I have not been paid for the first 6 days that I worked, which is about 48 of pay.

    I contacted the sup on Dec 24 about the missing pay, then waited a couple of weeks to call back as I figured that they were still getting things straightened out after peak.

    I have talked to several different mangers at the center over the last month and they tell me that the adjustments that have submitted where rejected because my hire date is later then when I actually started working. They have been trying to get HR to change the date, but no luck so far.

    My question to Brown Cafe is, is there anyone else that I should be talking to about this? And I've heard that under article 17 of the UPS agreement that I should receive penalty pay, however I'm not sure that applies to me as a helper.

    Thanks for any info
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    Perhaps you should approach this problem from a different angle. Go to the website of your state's department of labor and you will probably find a section dealing with lost wages. There should be a form that you can print and fill out and mail to them. If your managers can't get HR to get the ball rolling, maybe the state can.

    Oh by the way, is your W2 form consistent with you not be credited with those days of work that you are missing? If the w---2 shows you making more money than you received in your checks, then you have great documentation. If it is the same, then the check was definitely never "cut".
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    The union steward and/or Business Agent may be able to help.

    Unfortunately the "penalty pay" in Article 17 may not be applicable because it is based on half of your "daily guarantee." Part-timers normally have a daily three-and-a-half hour guarantee. But as a Helper I doubt you actually have a daily guarantee (unless your Supplement or local practice gives you one.)
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    My W-2 and UPSers both say the that I have not received the pay. I talked to the Sup this morning, and he said that he would start calling people that are higher up on the food chain, hopefully he can get the ball rolling in HR.