Still no "change" in sight

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by over9five, Dec 3, 2008.

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    The ONLY real "change" Americans want will happen on January 20th 2009. That day, GW Bush, his cronnies and the republican congressman and senators who were voted out will leave Washington DC once and FOR ALL.

    These criminals will never see the eyes of power in washington again.

    The 66 million voters will have their "change" on this day and even if OBAMA cannot fix this country, he will have done all americans a huge favor by ridding Washington of the Bushes and the corrupt republican party.

    You see "change" thru the eyes of talking heads, I see "change" thru the eyes of the millions of americans hurt by Bush's policies.

    The day Bush leaves office will be a day of celebration not only in america, but the world over.

    This is the tragedy of a failed american president.:dead:
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    Well said...That's true, The funny thing about it all is that everyone is mocking Obama about is change to the country, But really, The only change most of us want is his take over in office :happy-very:
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    Sorry guys. It's just that I was looking forward to CHANGE, like Obama promised in his campaign.
    You know, NEW people with NEW ideas, and NEW ways of getting things done.
    Now I realize this was just a huge Obame publicity stunt.
    Now I realize Obama lied to us.

    His administration is simply the same ol' same ol'.
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    Considering that you didn't vote for him, and spent pretty much the entire campaign suggesting he was either a socialist, a secret muslim, a crazy christian, or some combination of the three, your current heartbreak over his failure to live up to your dewy eyed, idealistic expectations is a little hard to believe....<sigh> :happy-very:
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    I also did not vote for him, yet I too heard his speeches about change. And I still waiting for those new people he promised, those that would transform Washington DC in to something different. Yet he keeps appointing people who have already been in power .
    So if this is change then TOS could be wrong about former office holders ever returning to "eyes of power ". Also does anybody know the track record of just what screw-ups these new people did during the Clinton years ?
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    Either way, watching BUSH and his cronnies leaving DC will make my day, month, year and lifetime.

    On the other hand, 9.5 would have rathered us all sit in amazement with this idiot in office.
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    Barack already said he might not be able to fix everything in one term, like a day or two after he got elected. So the "change" might not come for another 8 years, if he gets re-elected.
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    LOL! I suppose I did take that a lil' too deep!

    But it does lead into my next thread........
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    Sad thing is the politicians usually wait a year or two before they reveal they were really just lying to us. Obama is blatantly appointing hard core entrenched Washington insiders. No effort to provide anything new or fresh. Would it be okay if I pointed out that many of us quickly saw through Obamas promise of change when he appointed Joe Biden as his VP lackey.

    I'm not sure if I have ever seen a politician admit he was lying before he took office. His actions have clearly been an admission of his deceit.