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    Recently, I was scanning packages in small sorts. This was a very heavy day, especially having several thousand packages for New York, Arizona, Washington, Oregon. The area where all these packages sometimes come down in high volume is in an area that is about 80 sq feet. That is where about 3 or 4 people have to scan all at once. The situation this creates is loading bags onto the belt. Being blocked in, I either have to hold the bags and later move them after getting one of the bag racks out of my way or simply toss them over the bag rack.

    Last week, I opted to squeeze through the two bag racks in my way and accidentally tip over the bag rack. It bumped up onto the steel while the coworker was approaching. She was angered due to the possibility of that bag rack bumping into her.

    Today, I had a bunch of light weight bags. So, I tossed them over the bag rack onto the belt. The coworker goes into hysteria saying that she could be hit by a bag. She went as far as saying that she may have to be escorted out of the building for a fight if she were to get hit by a bag.

    I apologize and tried to appease by agreeing to have an open area which to move the bags. This would mean having to move one of the bag racks every time to load onto the belt. She's that concerned about safety and the whistle got blown. Problem solved? Right?

    After the hearing her cussing, name calling, threatening to fight, etc, etc... The bags are now being loaded AFTER moving one of the racks out of the way, no exceptions...ever. Later she came over to scan packages to find her bag rack moved so the mail bags can be loaded by UPS protocol on handling large bags of mail.

    She was not happy about having to wait for me to move the bags. The coworker decides to start throwing the bags onto the belt rather than dragging. This is were I get really beefed. I GET POPPED IN THE KNEE WITH A BAG OF MAIL!! I say to her "Girl, You've got to be really ****ting with me! After all the hysteria, you hit me!!!". The woman said, just get the "Explicit" bags out of my way! Other coworkers stared and a few snickered.

    Another small problem sorted out in a small way in small sorts LOL!!
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    LoL Small Sort
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    The people who complain the most are usually the most likely to do what they complain about.
    cool story.jpg
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    What hub do you work at?

    I used to hate small sort some of the ladies used to be real pain in the you know whats..
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    That picture is hilarious that is my next avatar
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    i cant for the life of me figure out what cuss word fits there

    dont worry, english is my second language also
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    i'll give u a hint.... poop
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    See NYUpstate and Jennie (aka Brittany) for example.
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    yea the leters fit but it dont really make sense to me
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    GOSHDARN 4chan
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    Following hand to surface methods sounds like the solution to this problem. No throwing bags=no hysteria.:funny::knockedout:
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    I agree. throwing bags can lead to someone getting hurt and damage packages.

    Question are you guys sorting us mail in that small sort?
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    Yup, that's what I thought went there!
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    I disagree. They teach us to throw bags onto the belt using two hands in our hub. I am not saying you are wrong in that this doesn't cause damages, it certainly can. But the methods we are taught is against what you and the other poster says.

    I work the small sort and enjoy it, people are reasonably friendly and fun. Of course this is a 30 something person operation, not a "small" small sort. lol

    To the thread author - I suggest calling corporate HR or employee relations and filing a complaint if this person continues to give you problems. They obviously aren't just going to go away.
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    I knew someone would know it.
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    He should not have to go that high up to complain. If she is threatening physical violence and he has witnesses then he could file charges against her under workplace violence guidelines with his local HR department. Its up to him to decide when he has had enough or he feels she has gone over the line.
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    As a small sort Supervisor of 42 people there are a variety of personalities and differences that have to be handled and feelings to be massaged each and every day. I am convinced that there will always be that one person who was put in your area soley to give you experience working with people. (I call them saintmakers) Trouble is, it is never the same person.

    Hand-to-surface (no exceptions) is the way to go.
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    you know what they say anonymous delivers :wink2:

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    I have worked heavy sort, small sort, scan, and now doing decap! I think everyone in are smalls has issues, lol. They need to just work and stop bitchin all the time. As for those SANTA BAGS as I call em, my first two weeks of work at ups, I had the worst supervisor me. Anyway, I threw those big ass bags over my shoulder just to prove myself, now I know it was a waste of my time, to see what others do now. We all have different work ethics, and you just have to go with flow with who is next to ya :wink2: