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    How do i purchase UPS stocks? Do you recommend it?
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    Go to UPSers. You can sign up for discounted stock purchase under the ‘Pay’ section. Look for DESPP program. I would recommend buying it, but I would make sure you’re putting at least 10% in your 401K first.
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    You got a brokers license
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    Sale Sale Sale
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    Buy low Sell High
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    Discounted stock is called Class A, stocks sold on the open market are called Class B and have 10% of the voting rights of a Class A. When selling Class A back , you will get an average price for that day, which UPS uses. You can transfer your Class A to a broker account to switch them to Class B and sell them at a price you like.
    Now the question is do you wants to invest into the company that hired you. Unless you're going to stay for most of your lifetime, then I'd say yes. Because time is on your side. Now that has been said it would be wiser to invest in the 401K plan first , start at a modest sum ( with all future raises going directly into the 401K ). All monies spent towards 401K reduces your yearly taxable income. Once you reach 59 1/2 yrs old , you can start to with drawl monies, with a $10 fee and a tax rate of .7495 per $1000 deducted from your check. An example would be $30,000 really = $22,477.51. Remember that time is on your side , the longer you invest the better rate of return you will end up with. Do not stop investing especially when the markets are down.