Stolen cars out of employee parking lot.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Dingo, Oct 11, 2009.

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    I work at the Atlanta hub. A year ago my father borrowed my civic to drive up to Pa. for a funeral. I drove his old pick up to work for a week. I knew we had a few cars stolen so I clubbed it. That Friday I was walking out of the hub and it was gone. Filed a police report. Talked to my manager about security in the lot the next week. He was concerned but admited there was nothing he could do. I started to wonder just how many cars have been stolen from our lot. I emailed the county police for satistics. 43 cars stolen in the past 5 years. All had dates and case numbers so no one could say they were probably towed or repossessed. I went back to management and non management with this information. Everyone was shocked. Somehow someone leaked this info to the news. 2 or 3 news channels went with the story that night and the next morning. Ups had security to start checking everyone going in and out of the lot. Well that lasted 2 weeks. Its been 6 months since then and i can only imagine how many have been stolen since. Our lot is not fenced in or has any cameras in it. Every now and then ill see some hooker or crackhead walking threw the lot. What can I do to make Ups see we need more security in the lot (cameras, fence ect.)without creating a very large target on myself? Also does anyone else have a problem this big at their hub?
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    Downtown Chicago has some problems but i don`t think to that extent. What you do to get security back is to tell management that someone has photos of them with said crackhead and hooker. That might motivate them.
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    man my hub used to be really bad for stuff like night about 6 years ago me and another guy were walking out and found 10 cars broken in to in one night.this was common then,we went and talked to the guards that night they didnt seem to concerned.after that ups changed their security guard company they used.things are better since then.but not much you can do until ups decides its a problem.
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    At our hub, we do have cars stolen and also keyed in the lots. This is WITH "security" and "cameras". There was a vehicle stolen (that I know of) 2 months ago, and a car keyed this past Friday.

    I am not sure this deters any of the theft or incidents, that is my point.
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    I've had my little beater civic broken into 3 times in the emlpoyee parking lot. The last time they broke in I found my factory radio halfway pulled out. I guess they realized it was factory halfway through it and said "**** it"....
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    Does your management park in the same lot, or do they have their own private parking area?

    Something tells me that, if they were parking in the same lot as everyone else, the security would be...better.
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    Everyone in Atlanta parks in the same lot. The sad thing is that the Fulton Co. Police department has their "Major Crimes" station located across the street from that parking lot.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    When gas prices were going through the roof, we had a rash of gas thefts from parked PC's. Early starters would find gas doors open and gas caps just hanging out loose.
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    we had cars stolen in parking lot They fixed problem they put up a fence in front of a retention pond that no one could cross never . so are retention pond is safe are vechs are stll out in open. THEY Spent 14.000.00 protecting that swamp.:surprised:
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    We have had a few stolen out of our lot. Thats what happens when you locate Hubs in high crime areas. The security guards are no help, we had one that got fired for dealing in stolen cell phones out of our building. One morning, the angry husband of a Preloader came in and trashed the car of the guy his wife was sleeping with. He took a baseball bat and beat the crap out of the car as drivers were walking through at about 8:00. The guards did nothing, until one of them threw a portable radio through the guard shack window.