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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Goonie79, Dec 7, 2007.

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    I am a driver helper for the season and have my own route my driver has me walk. I got a call from him today about a DR package going missing that I remember I delivered, which means it was stolen. Now it was not electronic and was out of sight but in an open apartment complex the neighborhood is also a safe one. I wondering what are some other good guidelines that aren't in the training sessions that you could tell me cause now I feel that I might just have to put up Delivery Notices for DR packages on every open complex which is going to make delivery's very redundant and my stats on the diad seem slow. I just want to make the grade, and get some more pointers out there.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Use the viewpoint that the package that you are delivering is yours and that you are delivering to your house and then ask yourself if you would like to have the package left there for you. Use your best judgement but don't spend all day making a decision. Paid send agains are a pain but DFU's are much more of a pain.
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    Package never should have been left at an apartment complex without a signature. That is unless it was an approved DR address. Nothing I hate more than having to walk back to my truck with a send again but it sure beats a follow up in a few weeks.

    My route is in a town with two colleges so you can imagine how many apartments I have on my route. I bring a lot of packages back everyday.
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    Bottom line: don't D/R anything in apartments or if there's no "hidden, safe" release point. At our building there's driver release areas and no-release zones. You have people that complain about having to go pick them up at the counter because you didn't release (when fed-ex and USPS will just ditch anything, anywhere) , then you have those that complain about having packages stolen. The former complaint is the easiest one we at the coutner have to explain - be home for the delivery or too bad. :knockedout:
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    Those who steal go against the commandments of Moses and our lord. THey should be stoned to death...
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    All of the above is great advice and should be heeded. But there are a lot of shippers who will file a claim at the drop of the hat just because they are too lazy on their end to service the customer. Also some file claims because UPS might pay it. Just because a claim is filed doesn't mean they didn't receive the package. For example:
    • The customer received the wrong item
    • The customer got a partial order (item not shipped)
    • Package(s) missing from multipackage shipment (arrive later)
    • Customer inquires about a shipment in the AM and claim is filed. The package arrives in the PM
    On a followup, I never ask the customer if they got the package - it's too easy for them to say no. I ask them if there was a problem with the shipment. I Let them tell me that they didn't get the package.
    I mention the above possibilities and the truth might come out about the delivery. If they still insist that they didn't get the package, I pull out my S&W 44 Magnum and pop one right between their eyes. I haven't had a claim in years.:wink2:
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    I am great full for the advice, I am very glad to have come across this site. Thanks y'all!
  8. Fighting4yourRights

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    That's quite a package you've got shoved in your face.
  9. rod

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    When I had an occasional Driver Follow up I would tell the customer real politely that before I notified the Law Enforcement I would apprieciate if they would talk to other family members or close neighbors to see if they might have it by chance. I explained that UPS always had the Police envolved on a possible theft. (a little white lie never hurt). I told them I would check back the following day. It's amazing the pecentage of "missing packages" that were found overnight.
  10. siouxman

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    In my area if the apt building has a security system and I can get in we can leave the package in front of the door unless we have had prior problems
  11. maybrown

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    At my center one new driver tries to impress my supervisor. He releases all packages at apartment buildings. I can not imagine how many claims UPS will receive after peak season.
  12. scratch

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    Maybrown, thats the way it is here. If the Apt. complex is gated, then its OK to DR. I have some I won't DR in though when I am running EAMs, if I can get in the gate in the first place. If they don't answer and its a letter, I will slid it under the door. If the place looks rundown, I won't DR a box outside. I wish we had a Center list of all the Gate codes so EAM and cover drivers could get into gated communities. I have suggested this several times, but no luck so far. If I have an EAM sendagain in one with no phone number, I have to put NI1 and bring it back to the building with no Infonotice left.
  13. Harley Rider

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    Same here. Thats the reason I said an approved DR location. Unfortunately none of the apartments I deliver to are on the list.
  14. Jack4343

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    Scratch, try talking to some of the regular drivers or cover drivers in your early AM area about the codes to those apartment buildings. Being a cover driver in Chamblee, I know all the routes in this zip as well as several in other areas. I made a point to get as many codes as I could early on from the regular drivers. I've now got a master list of around 50 codes in 4 different zip codes. I update it as the codes change as well. I printed the list out and gave it to my on-car sup. I've told the other drivers as well that I know the codes and they call me from time to time for them if they have misloads. When our new early AM guy started in the zip I run, I told him all the codes in the zip and told him to call me if he got lost. (I'm up at 5:30am anyway) I figure we're all in this together so why not make the best of it? :)

    Sorry to throw the thread off the subject. Speaking of stolen DR packages, I have two customers that used to continually file claims on DR packages even though I don't have a problem with any other house in the neighborhood. The regular driver before me had the same problem. I have requested that their address be tagged as "no DR" but the office hasn't responded. I no longer DR their packages and routinely have to make 3 attempts on each of their packages only for them to request a same day will call after the 3rd attempt. A pain, yes but I haven't had a DFU there since! I've noticed that they don't get as many packages as they used to either. I guess since they can't file claims on every package now that they can't afford to buy as much stuff. Hmmmm...