Stolen UPS trailers found in Fairburn

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    Stolen UPS trailers found in Fairburn - CBS Atlanta

    Gwinnett County police department with the assistance of Fairburn police are investigating the theft of a United Parcel Service cargo tractor trailer.

    The tractor trailer was loaded with more than 265, 46" flat-screen televisions when it went missing from the UPS Freight center in Lawrenceville on August 29.

    Tow truck driver Ron Mooneyham discovered the stolen truck and trailer.

    Someone cut around the lock, lifted the tail gate and stole close to 300 46' flat screen TVs, in what Mooneyham said looks like an inside job.
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    Make that Detective/Tow Truck driver. Thanks for the insight there Sherlock Holmes.
  4. stevetheupsguy

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    I wonder if they'll ever find out who did this? Oh, wait, just look ofr the preloader/reloader/driver, that arrives in a brand new Porsche/Lexus/Car, on Monday.
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    Steve, this was a Freight trailer.
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    OH, I was under the impression that it was regular UPS. WE leave trailers for large pickups, all the time.
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    so they'll be looking on eBay for a "steal" of a deal?
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    So, you acknowledge the difference between freight and package?
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I acknowledge that there will be no difference in 2013.
  10. menotyou

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    Was that what I asked? Of course not.
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    Somebody told somebody something. Somewhere...... bet we find out someday!
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    Upstate will make a good politician, one day.
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    Because he is always talking out of his arse? :rofl:
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    You are not the first to mention this and I have thought of running for a position on our Common Council when i retire. We have a PT night supervisor who is currently on the council--UPS lets him go for a few hours every other week to attend the meetings.

    As for the other comment--life is too short. Buh-bye.
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    I totally believe you, Dave. Maybe you should watch the movie, Dave, as I believe THAT, to be the kind of politician you would be.
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    I bet you couldn't get elected dog catcher.