"Stress, Disrespect, Whats so great"

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by fsbrownie08, May 12, 2008.

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    When i first started at ups i was on cloud nine b/c of all the hype it was made up to be to work there.. But now after the time i have been here i find my life going down instead of up.. I stay stressed out and always so anxious while at work and home,, always worried what the p/l sup is gonna say to me or what i done so wrong the day before.. i know its a job and you have bad apples everywhere but isnt there a line... how do i cope,, and be successfull when there is no incouragement, just undeserved punishment ...
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    If you know you are giving a fair days work for a fair day's pay at UPS, that in itself should bring some job satisfaction.

    If you are concerned about being talked with by your supervisor, if you are right, let the supervisor know.

    If you are wrong, ask for additional training, if you need it, to be able to do the job as UPS expects.

    Life is stressful enough, no need to add more. Be mindfdul and respectful of yourself, co workers and UPS management and your should be fine.

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    I would think as an hourly in the preload you would have no stress because the supe has to take everything.
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    You've got a few options here...

    Wear headphones so you cannot hear your sup yelling at you.
    Get high before work so you won't care about your sup yelling at you.
    Learn how to deflect blame to someone else (be careful though, this might just earn you a promotion).

    Seriously though, it's just a freakin job loading trucks. Mellow out. When you leave work, leave your work problems there. It ain't worth it sweating all that work crap at home.
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    you know the old saying #*%@ (brown stinky stuff) rolls downhill.
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    Oh brother, I could go on and on about the stress at UPS. You do have some options: quit, start taking anti-anxiety pills, or take up mind-numbing, high-risk behavior such as binge drinking, drag racing, and/or stamp collecting.

    What works for me is adopting a demeanor of icy indifference. Sure, I cry myself to sleep thinking about how I just may lose my job for not using the cover sheet on my TPS report, but my manager doesn't need to know that. All he needs to know is that I know all of his blustering and screaming and getting bent out of shape over my over-allowed budget for twisty pens is the direct result of him not getting laid since his 24 year old son was conceived.

    Don't let them get you down. As a previous poster said, if you put in a day of fair work for fair pay, that is encouragement enough.
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    If you're looking for somebody to say "hey good job" after working your ass off, well let's just say UPS might not be for you....
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    you can make a recording and listen to it in the car.
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    Cope? Disrespect? Undeserved punishment?
    You will never be successful, if you think in these terms.
    One cope's with a situation.
    Respect is earned, not given.
    The undeserved punishment comment, makes me visualize you being taken to school in a nerf mobile.
    This world does not have soft round corners and someone around to catch you when you fall.
    Skin your knees, like the rest of us in the real world have.
  11. tieguy

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    Stress is what you make it or what you let it do to you.

    This job is not for everyone. There is a reason our people are the best around. The requirements of the job tend to weed out the weak.
  12. New Englander

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    Tie....do you honestly think with a Union the weak get weeded out. Thats not true around here.
  13. sx2700

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    It's not necessarily the union's fault. It is the members within the union with the 'entitlement' attitude. There are aspects of the union that are good and there are some that are bad, like what you're talking about. It irritates me to no end that certain people think belonging to a union gives them the right to be a lazy S.O.B. while the rest of us bust our butts to make up the difference.
  14. tieguy

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    I understand your point. But overall I do think we attract and keep a better employee then the average company. Most of the folks that are weeded out are done so because they quit or get theirselves fired. You could even make an argument that some of your hard core A-holes are so because they get bored with the challenges of the job and look to stir up the pot. Overall I think our full time drivers are better educated then comparable employees.

    Perhaps its difficult to fire some of the slugs that make it through the grind because we do have so many educated, committed people with leadership skills moving into the steward ranks. Though their all sells outs in Griffs eyes....:happy-very:
  15. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    It depends on the building, or hub, and job you hold.

    I was in ENE, now NNE, and there's a huge difference between environment from one to the other....

    it's actually a bit scary. :knockedout:
  16. Fredless

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    Seems like a huge personal problem.

    Whose problem is it, really, if they are pushing you beyond your best?

    Read Article 37. Go in, give it the best you have and go home. You think those P/T sup's are really yelling at you? Think how bad they and their managers are getting screamed at. Then think, wait if they get fired for not working fast enough (something, as long as you follow their methods cannot happen to you), they are gone forever.

    I just smile at them and say "I am working as fast as safely possible." If they are real jerks about it, follow their methods. Start 6 side checking every package, if the box weighs 71 lbs, make a scene that you need help etc..The sup will leave you alone. Don't ever go above and beyond because if you do, they will keep expecting more and more and MORE. It will NEVER, EVER be good enough for them.

    Clock out, leave the jerks there. UPS has my cell number as well on record, and become familiar with the "DECLINE" option on your phone when you see that number.
  17. Braveheart

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    That is UPS for you. I have witnessed 9-10 full time drivers quit in the last 3 years.

    Most were very, very good drivers. Just got sick of all the negative work environment. Try telling him to back off. Then file harassment grievances after that. Then call the 1-800 # if that does not work. I have seen dozens of power hungry managers both part time and full time come and go.

    Screw the ones who who are jerks and reward the ones who are respectful.
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  18. better or worse? just curious
  19. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    Depends. Do you like 300 workers represented by 2-3 stewards per shift and them making deals to get cushy jobs out of sight from management? ;D