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Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by worldwide, Apr 22, 2011.

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    Saw this on the Yahoo UPS forum. Interesting if true and if true, should this guy be on the UPS board of directors?

    "Vote your shares accordingly.

    Stuart E. Eizenstat heads the international legal practice of Covington & Burling and is a partner at the firm and has been on the UPS board of directors for several years. A reasonable person would expect that his law firm would use UPS but they do not. He was paid $219,993 in 2010 by UPS and he can't even use UPS at his firm? Vote him off the board."
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    Stuart might want to keep his image clean. No dircet relationship between his law firm and UPS. Also UPS has a history of losing packages, as a director he as acess to exact number of packages lost daily, yearly, down to the mintue. If UPS lost a package for one of his firm top clients. What do you think he would do? Fire the Divison Manager who incharge of that package operation, or just tell his client we have to do every thing all over again.
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    "UPS has a history of losing packages"? What does that mean? UPS is not 100% perfect nor is FedEx--it's simply impossible given the nature of the industry. As an outside director, I don't think he has the authority to fire anyone at UPS anymore than Scott Davis could fire anyone at Honeywell (he is on their board).
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    i swear to god, i did
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    You should never swear to GOD especially on Good Friday.
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    What ever floats your boat. Directors have power may not be direct authority to fire the division manager. But directiors have friends in the district and region who can influnce the decision.
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    I doubt that Stuart Eizenstat knows any UPSers other than the Management Committee and a few other senior managers in Legal or who do presentations at Board meetings.
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    I'm sorry. Your right.