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    God, I have seen some stupid ones, but I had an encounter today with the the dumbest effing manager ever. First, he collapses 4 routes, all of which had a full 195 load plus. Then he sends all the part-timers home, so there are a bunch of us there just ready to kill this MF. No baseline relief...NOTHING. After he tells us, he just walks off, apparently content he has done his duty. Do you think HE would actually plop his ass in a truck and help out. Not a chance.

    So, here's what we did. All of us agreed to hold off on our largest bulk stops until after 1030, making for horrific late counts that put service level in the toilet. One route had 72 pcs at exactly 1031. After work, the courier told me he sat around the corner for 5 minutes just to guarantee that all of it would be late.

    Listen up, people. This is what we need to start doing when these morons collapse routes to save money. Kill them on service, and just keep doing it. They expect you to work through your lunch for free and bust your butt to make service. Don't do it. If you're smart about it, you can make them look really bad on paper, and once their numbers suck bad enough, they'll be forced to quit doing this.

    Stick together, and eff them right back. This company doesn't care if you burn yourself out or hit a tree doing 50 in a 25mph zone. They'll just fire you anyway. Don't play their game. Turn it back on them and let them suffer the hit when you stick them with a bunch of lates. Fight fire with fire.
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    I can understand the anger but the company could easily figure out from your post who these couriers are who intentionally maxed out the number of lates. If they're inclined to you could be looking at serious consequences. I'm not being critical, just pointing out you have just told the company you deliberately had more lates than necessary. I hope they aren't reading this!


    Maybe if they DO read this, they'll see what the freaking problems are! (highly unlikely and mostly wishful thinking..)
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    To do as MFE suggested at UPS would be grounds for instant termination for sabotage.

    If we have late air and they go through our delivery records and see that we delivered ground before air that is grounds for discipline. There is nothing wrong with delivering ground before air just as long as you don't have any late air.

    Our center team decided to cut an area at 9:14 on Friday--we start at 9:15. The work was going to 3-4 areas which meant 3-4 drivers would be delayed.
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    The word needs to be spread to the customers that claims need to be filed on all late packages. I'm sure Memphis will do their best to deny them but it might light a fire under the managements butts just as well.

    FedEx and UPS Refunds, Shipping Refunds
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    Large customers often have an employee dedicated to doing just that. Cottage industries sprung up with the sole purpose of tracking packages for customers. UPS has this disclaimer on their website regarding tracking:

    UPS: Tracking Information
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    You guys probably already know what I'm about to say, but, since I've never read a discussion about it I'll bring it up for posterity.
    Your anonymity is not protected by the Brown Cafe or any other blog forum. At any time, FEDEX legal can get a court order and compel the webmaster of Brown Cafe to divulge identities that are slandering, defaming, causing harm to the company and etc. There is strong legal precedent for this.
    Unless you have taken specific measures and are using TOR with encryption your johnson is exposed. Especially you, MrFedEx. This post isn't a warning or a threat. It is just to inform. Period. I'm a former employee and I know how ruthlessly this companies managers can operate.
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    Maybe, but I doubt it. All but one of us also brought back Code 1's. This is happening everywhere (collapsing routes), so my guess is that they (the company) are willing to take the lates to save on hours. Our grand total of lates was around 120 for the group, which should have made a nice dent in service levels. If confronted about lates, you've got plenty of "legitimate" reasons for excuses. Traffic, an accident, construction etc. Management is highly unlikely to be willing to do research to verify or deny your story. They've got too many other irons in the fire right now.

    In a way, I feel bad for some of them, because while they disagree with what's happening, they are helpless to do anything because the directive is to cut routes. It's the ones that do it with glee, because they "believe" in the Purple Promise BS, that deserve to be burned at every opportunity. The manager I'm talking about is on the fast track for promotion because he's such an A-hole and is willing to screw couriers every day. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the type.
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    I use the statement conveniently provided to us in the Employee Handbook regarding social media and other Internet postings. My opinions are my own and in no way reflect the policies and procedures of the Federal Express Corporation. There, I'm covered. I'll post the exact verbage once I locate in in the Handbook. That way, the rest of you can also legallly protect yourselves from Fedex.
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    It's a big if, but IF the company is monitoring this forum, someone will be reporting to someone that you not only are calling for sabotage of service, but that you put in writing that you and coworkers intentionally sabotaged service at your station. It would be simple to send out a memo to directors or senior mgrs to look at late reports for that day to zero in on a scenario you described in detail. And as was mentioned they can find out if your ISP originates from that area. That is if they chose too, and I do think they'd consider this very serious. And I'd wait until awhile after Peak before I would think I was in the clear. They might want your services for Peak before doing anything. I reported the mgrs in New Mexico who were putting FedEx pkgs in the mail years after they started. The company took that very seriously. Something to keep in mind because it just isn't your job at stake.
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    Although I could never condone sabotage or deliberately having lates, I can understand someone intentionally having lates to make a statement against poor decisions by management. Management talks about service, taking care of the customer, safety, honesty, etc. but in reality those things really mean nothing to FedEx. FedEx has no loyalty to the customer or the employee. All that really matters is stock price, station budget, FTE's, and covering for managers who are so inept they could survive no where else outside of this company. FedEx tends to promote managers who have no problems doing the dirty work of the company. There is no room for free thinkers here. I do not even think that most managers have the intelligence to question what they are forced to do by upper management. Most managers have no more that a high school diploma. They have never had training only indoctrination. Most of them can not spell or speak professionally and are facing alcohol or chemical dependency issues, obesity, and esteem issues. The smart managers are the ones who step down or transfer out of the most dysfunctional stations as soon as their time is up. The real tyrants have a habit of sticking around.
    The only real customer service does not come from management or any directive. It comes from the couriers own self pride in doing a good job and taking care of customers the way themselves would like to be treated. Do you think management really cares about the customer? Many peaks I have seen mountains of undelivered Christmas boxes that usually do not get delivered until the 26th, 27th, 28th. The only option we give to the customer is to wait in a ridiculous line on Christmas day to try to find that needle in a haystack in a disaster of a warehouse. Budget will not allow more that three employees to work to handle the mess. I know, I used to be one of the stupid ones to volunteer to work that day because I have no kids and my co-workers that do deserve the day off.
    I also feel that even though FedEx does not like to read most of the stuff we post on here, 95% of it is spot on and honest. There are some intelligent, thoughtful writers on here who express themselves well. FedEx is lucky to have these people and really does not deserve them. If FedEx really was the company it falsely portrays itself to the outside world as we would have a lot less to write about. FedEx spends a lot of money creating an image that is professional and caring about the customer but in reality it is all just a show. I do not think that FedEx will risk the negative image of getting a court order to find out the identity of employees that are frustrated and only venting here because if you express dissatisfaction to a manager or human resources you will be targeted. Time to hire even more lawyers.
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    That is hysterical.
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    BZ snackdad.

    And while I understand the intent, the fact that the crr waited 5 mins to have lates means they would have been on time? Were these the only lates he had? Sounds like he wasn't over after all.

    Do your job but do it how they want you to do it. Don't speed, stop at stop signs, buckle up, get off the phone etc. Then lates are legit.
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    Van, thanks for your concern, but I do try and cover myself by not posting exact figures that can be traced. The "72 lates" are within a range of lates and not a precise figure. He may have had 60 or he may have had 80, but I'm not giving exact numbers for the reasons you mentioned. Our group total was around 120 late, but that isn't precise, and the one courier who delivered at "1031" may have actually delivered at 1034 or 1038. The point was that he waited on purpose to make the stops late. I throw out a few red herrings now and then just in case they really wanted to try and track me or my station.

    We also brought back numerous Code 1's, and again, I didn't provide an exact figure, just the word "numerous". If they ever do come and get me, I have reams of incriminating information and an attorney friend who has already made some huge money fighting FedEx and winning. I stay because I think it's the right thing to do for now.
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    Even FedEx has its limits. In European nations, a corporation can indeed get a court order for any statements made via electronic media that fall under what most of them call "libelous defamation".

    Fortunately, we do have the First Amendment here in the states.

    Libel in the US is practically always within the realm of civil and not criminal law - with very few exceptions.

    Of the elements (five) needed for a plaintiff to prove libel (ALL five of which must be proven), the most difficult is the need to prove actual harm (financial). A plaintiff in a libel suit just doesn't need to prove intent to diminish reputation, they must be able to prove actual financial losses that were a direct result of the statements of the defendent.

    For example, Corporation XYZ decided to cancel a contract with Express and utilized UPS for shipping based off of statements read off of BC written by Ricochet1a. Corporation XYZ would have to make a public statement that they are indeed moving business to a competitor as a result of reading unfavorable information regarding Express - in order for Express to be able to prove actual harm. Without such proof, there would be no finding of libel in US civil court.

    Since getting a court order to reveal IP addresses of posters to BC without CRIMINAL intent being demonstrated to a judge is next to impossible - there isn't much FedEx can do. Law enforcement can get a court order if they demonstrate criminal intent, but a corporation going on a fishing expedition for purposes of evidence gathering for a civil matter - doesn't happen.

    Now if an employee was stupid enough to reveal their identity and made "defamatory" remarks regarding FedEx, then FedEx would be able to use that as basis to terminate that employee's employment. This happens all the time, and there is a notorious example of this happening with someone posting on Facebook (naturally identifying themselves in the process) making "defamatory" statements about their supervisor. They were fired, tried to argue freedom of speech and were shot down. A company has the right to terminate the employment of employees who make defamatory statements about the company or its employees in a public forum - while having identified themselves by name.

    What does happen is that 3rd party hackers are sometimes used (not officially or with direct connection to the party paying for the service) in an attempt to identify individuals to a company (like FedEx) which wants to put an end to leaks and discussion by individuals who aren't entirely sympathetic to the company's point of view. Doesn't happen often, most Fortune 500 companies aren't stupid enough to try it (there is always a money trail), but it does happen.

    So for the current employees of Express, as long as they don't personally identify themselves in the process of posting, they are OK. If they come out and state "My name is XXXXX, my employee number is YYYYYY and I work for FedEx Express" - then go on to make defamatory startments about Express - they are most likely looking at having their employment terminated. If FedEx can somehow prove actual monetary damages that are a direct result of the statements, then FedEx could pursue a libel case in US civil court.

    The forums in which these statements are made public (like Brown Cafe) are protected from litigation - it is the creator of the statement which has potential liability attached.

    And just to be clear... The above statements aren't intended to be legal advice or utilzed as such by individuals who read them. Individuals should always consult with their attorney for legal advice on any issue which may expose them to liability. There... I'm covered...
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    Well OK, but I bet there are some POed brass right now who are trying to find you. I wonder how many couriers nationwide are doing something similar? Will probably hear soon something about the company takes this kind of thing very seriously and will pursue legal action against anyone found to be causing bulk lates or something similar.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I'm sorry, I may be way out of line for saying this, but how can anyone with even an ounce of self-respect knowingly sabotage the operations of their employer?


    When the EMPLOYER knowingly sabotages the operation of the happens here on a daily basis.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    When that occurs you do everything by the book and let the chips fall where they may.

    UPS has GPS, Telematics and a program called ODS-E to monitor our movements (20 minute delay) throughout the day. If one of our drivers had chosen to sit and wait for 5 minutes just around the corner and then had 60-80 lates they would have gone to ODS-E, retraced his steps, noticed the lack of activity and then questioned the driver that evening, if not earlier. They very well may have pulled him off the road. Delays that can be justified are no problem but those that cannot can be a huge problem.

    I can certainly understand the frustration but cannot understand an employee who would willfully sabotage the operations of their employer.
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    One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.