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  1. Ground_Hub_Angel

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    This is a stupid question. I work at ups and was labeled as a pas clerk. But im not doing the position that they refer to as pas. I work with the unloaders scanning packages for the most part. Then after i finish 2-4 trucks i go and work in smalls. So am i still considered a PAS clerk or do they have a totally seperate name for what i do?? This is the stupidest question in the whole forum i just havent really thought about it until now.
  2. crystal_ball

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    Inquire with your shop steward for specific work rules in your barn. Make sure you are being paid the correct rate for the job. Be persistent and realize that "past practices" carry weight. Greive the practice in writing if you determine there is an issue. Otherwise you wont get it resolved. You can file a greivance, but cant refuse the work. Good luck and I hope this helps.
  3. Ground_Hub_Angel

    Ground_Hub_Angel ~*PAS Preload*~

    That helped me none whatsoever, u really went overboard sorry lol. All i want to know is am i still considered a PAS clerk since i scan packages at the doors instead of on a platform at the ground hub?
  4. crystal_ball

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    Gee, I guess I meant for you to keep scanning packages. Its what you are paid for. Remember, you dont get paid for thinking.
  5. DS

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    What does it matter what they call it?
    pas clerk sounds cool so go with it.
    Remember you are like an ant in a colony.
    know your role,work as instructed,and
    realize that you are a worker ant.
    And as far as the driver helper meet point
    thing goes,it would be close to you,same place every
    day ,usually the same driver.
  6. Ground_Hub_Angel

    Ground_Hub_Angel ~*PAS Preload*~

    Grrrrr, thats not what im saying. I work in smalls and on the color belts sometimes. What i want to know is am i still considered a PAS clerk even tho i scan packages at the doors and not on a platform or is that job considered something else. I love my job. I dont mind scannin packages and if it was just for the benefits, i would still do it even if i wasnt getting paid including doing the smalls and the color belts. I love my job. My question point blank is am i still considered a PAS clerk even tho i work at the doors with a unloader unloading a truck scanning the packages on a belt connected to the main belt, or is there another name for this job?

    UPSBOI You don't want to know!

    Yes, Pas clerk is the job not the area you work scanning those pkgs is your main job....
  8. Ground_Hub_Angel

    Ground_Hub_Angel ~*PAS Preload*~

    Thank you so much Boi!!
  9. 30andout

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    Almost all scans are for pas in the preload now. So anything you scan would be considered pas clerk work.
  10. Keepingthemhonest

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    It's not called PAS clerk...it's called SPA...you can either DA (Data Aquisistion ...the person that fixes the querks blank labels ect...) or be in the primary (where they unload) as a SPA person, Scan Print Apply, and in our hub those jobs are interchangable, you had to qualify for DA (1200 keystrokes per hour) but you work as directed and may SPA, just be happy they didn't put you in the unload where I started :p
  11. Megansman

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    Ok, we have DA's and SPA's -- no one ever talks about the SMFWPLOTLIGS's (stupid m... f.... who put labels over the label I gotta scan). Is that a skilled position? I've never seen it bid... any special qualifications?
  12. 30andout

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    I thought SPA was what I sat in every night to sooth my akin body.:wink:
  13. over9five

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    "any special qualifications?"

    YES! Even tho you have a 2' by 2' surface to apply your PAS label, YOU MUST be able to cover that barcode!

    If not the barcode, then cover the consignees name.

    If you miss that, then cover the COD amount.
  14. Keepingthemhonest

    Keepingthemhonest Bring'n sexy back

    That would be me and I'm trying to get with upper management to work that into a timestudy for you all....I'm sorry to kill your bonus by making you type in the tracking# :cool:
    What's really bad is when I cover up PO# for the walmart trailer then he rips if off along with the PO then returns it because it's illegible
  15. loserupser

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    you tell'em:lol::lol::laugh::laugh::laugh:
  16. Joopster

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    I think your lucky that you make it to work and can take a shower without injuring yourself.

    Glad your not loading or unloading....ever consider a job in management?
  17. DS

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    (A) Yes you are.
    (B) No there is not.