Sup vs Preloader.

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  1. This past week, too many rules have been enforced on me, making me feel i won't make it past September.
    I finally figured out who"s da shot calla. How should I proceed?

    I think i'll become a union boy & start grieving.

    Loyal Teamster
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    I think we are all shocked ... UPS obviously doesn't realize your full potential or judgment.
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    One can only hope.
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    My sources say if you become a union boy, you wont be here past the 2nd week in August.
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    Did your driver happen to uh..*ahem* violate you last peak? Is this (trolling) your revenge? You can talk to me
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    No, Im God fearing, but I already have things to confess this week.

  8. It has come to my believe, that apparently Management reads or has access to Brown Cafe. Following this post, my work environment is no longer hostile. Also speaking union language & about grieving to Sups makes them back off a bit. Hopefully I'll become a shop steward in the coming few months. I want to master our contract & supplements first.

    Loyal Teamster
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    My personal feeling is that it is minimally scanned by hr/information services to ensure no proprietary info is given out and/or nothing is stated by an identifiable person that can be construed as reflecting extremely poorly on the company.. Other than that I don't think that the company much cares about this place. It is handy for learning some of the basic union stuff though.