Supervisor Tossed Me A Box And I Hurt My Wrist

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by WaterGirl78, Jan 3, 2007.

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    i was at work earlier today, sorting packages like i normally do. a supervisor, who i dont mind, tossed a box to me and called out my name at the last second. i turned and saw the box heading towards me and put my hand out. the box hit my wrist and i think i sprained it, but no need to go to the hospital.

    if i cant work because of this, will ups pay me for it? i am part of the union. also, a friend said something about a law suit, if i went this direction, would it be against ups or the supervisor?
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    Too late. You would have had to report the injury the day it happened.

    Why do you want to sue anyone? You didn't need any medical attention. You didn't even report it. Get a life.
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    too many lawyers with useless lawsuits. however, they will take your money, drag this out and take most of what you would get. why bother? free money?
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    The statute of limitations for filing an injury report is ONE YEAR, however it is suggested that you file as soon as possible after the injury is sustained. The statute of limitations for an occupational illness is three years.

    Just a word of caution to anyone who thinks that workers' compensation is an "Easy Street" to taking time off from work. Falsely reporting and collecting on a workers' comp. claim is either a Class B or Class C felony, depending on the monetary amount you’ve received.

    A note to any member who has been injured on the job and has not contacted the Union; please give Fran Brunet a call so he can start a file for your case. One of his future goals is to establish a database of workers’ comp. claims for use in hazardous duty evaluations and health and safety issues.

    If you have any questions regarding workers' compensation, please contact Fran Brunet at the Union office by phone at (860) 953-2626.

    Every state has different guidlines on how accident are and should be reported. It is recomended that the accident be reported immediatly, but I believe UPS uses a 10 day window in which you have to file with them. All states are different, imo just let them know asap
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    Actually i think its 48hours to report an injury.

    Make the report correctly, and you'll probably find the supervisor fired or relocated...

    We had the same thing happen here, supervisor, slid(like a freight train) a package into the achillies(calf) of a preloader, loader needed stitches etc... boy they scrambled to make sure that the "accident" got covered up.
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  8. First off...Imagine that...a supervisor "throwing a package"! "Lead by example" is the first line of your Supervisor's "Declaration of Management Commitment" which they must sign each year and recite to a Keter Auditor.
    When you are "trained", you are trained to report any/all injuries IMMEDIATELY! My advise to you would be to report the injury. If you don't, you will be paying for it out of your own pocket / your insurance. My guess is that your supervisor will be in alot of hot water when your manager investigates the injury and has to fill out the report with a root cause of "Supervisor throwing a package to another employee" and even hotter water when you are put on TAW because you can't do your job. When are these sups gonna get it??? (This coming from a PT Sup herself!)
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    One could say that the injury was not reported because it was just a short term pain. When the pain didn`t go away after a day or two then report it as such. When you chose your doctor see a orthopedic specialist. They`re decision will override any general practioner that the company sends you to. This is important to prevent any deadlocks between the company paid doc and yours. Always see a second doc regardless of how the company doc comes across.
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    a lawsuit would have merit if this wrist injury (if you even want to call it that) caused great miscomfort and suffering, inability to concentrate on her phd thesis, and inability to sexually perform, causing her husband to divorce, resulting in a heroin addiction.

    this just sounds like normal ups melodrama: mis-communcation leads to an injury, which leads to ice on the wrist and no ----jobs for the boyfriend for the weekend.

    life goes on.

    uh, what if you're like me, where on monday, i sort boxes, and on tuesday morning i feel extreme pain in my elbow, i go to work tuesday, it feels better, then wednesday morning i have even more pain in my elbow?
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    So when you're unloading an igloo or package car, you have a 2 lb ups box in your hand, and you're 10 feet away from the person helping you get the stuff on the belt, you wouldn't throw it?
    if you had 50 ups boxes weighing 2 lbs on the ground, 25 feet from the belt and you have one person helping you get them on the belt, you wouldn't throw them, but you'd walk them over, one by one?
    if you had 20 ft of trailer to load 50 boxes coming to you, you wouldn't throw the box so it could slide down the trailer?
    you never build walls then throw the boxes of ipods behind the walls?

    there's hand-to-surface, and then there's the real world.
  12. hey its still hand to surface...when it leaves your hands it will land on something...hopefully a surface of some sort :wink: