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    So I have been out a few weeks due to health. Just wondering where we are on the supplements and ryders voting. How many and which are still waiting on a 2nd vote? How many and which are waiting on the 3rd vote? Thanks.
  2. PiedmontSteward

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    Back in October, five supplements were voted on and three passed.

    Passed: Central Region, Philadelphia Metro, Michigan Rider
    Voted Down: Local 623 Air Supplement, Ohio Rider

    Local 89 opened negotiations on their rider earlier this week. The Western and SW Regions along with Local 177 will probably be voted on next, as details on the Western Conference & Local 177 health plan were recently released over the last week or so.
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    What is the target for settling the entire contract? Is it likely to be done by the end of this year?
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  5. upschuck

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    Not a chance.

    I would guess late winter, early spring. Suspect Louisville rider will be the last one ratified, they had a large majority voted against, not about the healthcare, but a lot of other working conditions, from what I understand.
  6. PT Car Washer

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    That is the time frame I am guessing also. I think the International (Hoffa) will impose a settlement.
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    The longer the more my retro check will be. I need some new golf clubs
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    I downloaded the Retropaycalculator spreadsheet from the TDU website, and it is almost to the bottom of it. I would of thought that they would of put a couple of years on the spreadsheet since they don't like anything in the contract.