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    Today I delivered 2 packages to one house that gets crap ( QVC) everyday. The lady tried to give me a surepost package that she aleady open and then taped shut. I explained to her that she needed to call QVC and have them send a call tag. She said that she called and they said give it to the UPS guy. I explained to her that since she opened it I can't take it without a call tag then left to complete the rest of the stops on here street.

    As I was passing her house on the way out of here street she stop me and showed me a paper the post office left apparently they where trying to pick up the package earlier in the day.

    Here is the question if you deliver to a PO and pick up a return package that has been open then taped shut and then given back to the postman do you take it or tell them you can't take it???
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    Take the box back to the center and have ima full them out a gsd label and then bill them!
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    If it dont got a ARS label on it. I would never take it. Thams the rules as far as i know. Neither the shipper nor the customer wants to pay return shipping so now lets guilt the ups guy to take it back. Once the orig seal is open , UPS is on the hook for anything missing.
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    surepost returns are handled by the USPS, unless the shipper or customer directly intervene otherwise