Suspended, awaiting hearing - unemployment, benefits question

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by MotoMoto, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. MotoMoto

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    Got suspended last week for accident. Waiting on hearing. Have 2 questions:
    1. Can I apply for unemployment already? Would that hurt me at hearing if they find out?
    2. Do I still have benefits (medical, dental, life insurance) and for how long, while suspended? Thanks!
  2. Bubblehead

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    Suspended or discharged?
    You can and should apply for unemployment if you're discharged.
    It is motivation for the company to put you back to work.
    Your benefits are usually paid upfront for the entire month.
    You should be covered for the duration of the month.
  3. UPSGUY72

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    You got suspended or fired??? It wouldn't hurt to file for unemployment.

    You still have all your benefits. They have to send you a letter in the mail if they are terminating them.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    It's too early in the morning for me to find, dust off and then read my contract book, but I always thought that they were supposed to let you work on the inside while the accident is being investigated. It sounds as though they have done this and found you to be at fault, hence the suspension. You should file for unemployment. Also, and this may differ where you work, but here in Upstate NY our benefits are quarterly--you must work 36 days this quarter to earn benefits for the followiing quarter. You should be fine as far as benefits go. Good luck.
  5. rocket man

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    your beneifits are good till end of week I strongly would not suggest using them UNTILL YOU CONTACT UNION. ALSO THE INSURANCE COMPANY IS GOING TO CONTACT YOU AND SAY CAN I COME FOR A STATMENT 1000 pct important tell them no you do not work for ups at this time you do not an will not give any statments be polite they have to respect that you only deal with union at this time good luck to you ONLY DEAL WITH UNION ONLY TALK T O UNION ONLY TALK TO UNION
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  6. rocket man

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    y are you asking on this site? Deal with your local please.
  7. stixx337

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    File and select layoff. Use the eHR
    work # 1-800-UPS-1580 UPS id#11463.
    It takes almost 2 weeks before you get your first check.
    Now, if your termination is upheld your already good to go. So, Leave it alone! They usually have 10days to respond.
  8. barnyard

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    Rocket Man gave you spot on advice.

    Where I live, you would be turned down for unemployment. "Fired for cause" = you are on your own.
  9. Anonymous 10

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    Here in Ohio as long as you weren't fired for dishonesty you would be eligible for unemployment compensation. Ups will always appeal it but in the long run you will get your benifits.
  10. Bubblehead

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    Hmmm...advice from a good man in the same state as the OP?
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  12. RedThunder

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    Here in South Carolina UPS will fight the unemployment and try to stop you from getting it. At the one panel hearing I had to go to UPS actually had the statement I gave to employment office and tried to use it against me at my hearing.
  13. menotyou

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    File for unemployment immediately. UPS has laid you off, technically. File to get the conversation started. It will work.