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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Zepphead33, Feb 14, 2017.

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    So today as I was leaving the morning sort I saw this kid who is also a PT morning worker but only has one year seniority and never works mornings anyway. They have him listed as "On call" although people with less seniority than him work daily. Anyway they had him drive today since he has signed the SVD cover list as i am on there as well. Except i have 2 or 3 years seniority on him. I confronted the driver sup and he played dumb. Is this something i can file a grievance over?
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    They may try to play the "area knowledge" card.
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    You must play with a deck consisting of 53 cards?
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    I don't believe they can use area knowledge when it comes to working a driver before a higher seniority driver. At least that wouldn't fly in my area.

    You should be able to file a grievance and easily win this. We are not talking about him doing a route you'd rather do than the one you are on. They worked a lower seniority person before you and paid him a higher pay and more hours. File.

    Though like I always say. This applies to my area so talk to a steward or call your BA.