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    Hi guys. 3.5 years in the company working preload shift. Long story short my manager is threatening suspensions and termination because of my 9-5 fulltime job. I have to leave at 8:30 at the latest. I always ask for permission to leave and now all of sudden i have issues because of a new supervisor. I got written up for "job abandonment" and im lucky i didnt get walked out because i left my trailer to find my supervisor and ask for permission to leave. Couldnt talk to steward because he was sent home early along with many low seniority workers as well. I asked to switch my shift to local sort as this would fix my current issue. Supervisor said there needs to be an open posistion on local sort and there arent any. He then said "besides we need you on preload anyways". Anyways im frusturated and cant afford to quit my full time job and less than 20 hours a week at poverty wages doesnt pay the rent. What are the exact rules for switching your shift because i nees to get the ball rolling now. Thanks guys.
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    They post the transfers from preload to reload and vice versa something like twice a year I think. There's a list up in my center right now.

    Why not talk to your FT job and tell them you're having issues here and ask if you can work 9:30 to 5:30 until you're able to get it fixed? I'm sure they're going to be pretty understanding that you're having to deal with a d* supervisor right now until you can get things fixed.
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    I tried. Its a small company and they need me at 9am sharp. Ill try to reason with them again. But ill look for that list im gonna come in early tommorow and see if i can also find my steward. Thanks for the reply man.
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    Ask him to get the loads there on time and then blame feeders. If not, quit, because you've got more important shiet to do than get "free" healthcare.
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    Sounds like your supervisor wants to keep you on his shift and is doing what he can to keep you there. He has a vested interest. Odds are that they are hiring people for that shift.
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    Number one your FT job needs to be your priority. UPS is just a side gig and needs to be treated as such. If it’s not working out then find another part time job, or full time job where hours are workable if you eventually want to transition to FT at UPS.
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    I don't know the building you're in, but at least at mine the twilight shift which you'd be transferring to usually starts 5-5:30 so if you're having to leave a half hour before your 9-5 you'd be in the reverse position if you transferred shifts, and if you went to the midnight shift you wouldn't be getting out til probably after 3 am which would then cause you to be taking a couple hour nap after your 9-5 and then after UPS.

    The UPS schedule really doesn't mesh with normal expected job hours. You're going to have to make a choice which job is better since they will clash and one will not stand for it and fire you.

    If you wanted to persist with both best advice I could give is find out who the shift manager is for where you want to end up and meet and convince them.
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